In 2010, the City of Edmonton reinforced the importance of identifying and preserving Edmonton’s history by becoming Canada’s first municipality to appoint a Historian Laureate. The Historian Laureate is the City’s official ambassador on historical matters and promotes the history of the city and its citizens by documenting, researching, interpreting and speaking about the people, places and events that have created Edmonton's distinctive heritage and character.

Cheryl Whiskeyjack and Omar Yaqub's term as Edmonton's seventh co-Historians Laureate commenced in April, 2022. They are preceded by the City's past Historians Laureate, Amber Paquette, Marleyan Wyman, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail, Shirley Lowe and Ken Tingley.

A jury, comprised of members of the Edmonton Historical Board and the Edmonton Heritage Council, selects a new Historian Laureate every two years.

Edmonton Historian Laureate Terms

Edmonton's Historian Laureate is expected to:

  • Commit to the full two-year term
  • Promote public awareness of Edmonton's history
  • Ensure continued dialogue with community through social media platform(s) (supported by the Edmonton Historical Board and the Edmonton Heritage Council)
  • Produce at least one written document (or other documentation, audio/video for example) and two public presentations for specific events or occasions as agreed upon in each year of the two-year term
  • Develop a work plan, writing activities and public presentations in consultation with an advisory committee established by the Edmonton Historical Board and the Edmonton Heritage Council
  • Be a member of one of the Edmonton Historical Board's committees and attend monthly meetings

Edmonton’s Historian Laureate must submit a report to the Edmonton Historical Board and the Edmonton Heritage Council on a yearly basis. The Historian Laureate must also attend the Edmonton Historical Board’s presentation to Council Committee.


The Edmonton Historian Laureate receives an honorarium of $7500 for each year of the two-year term, provided by the Edmonton Historical Board.