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Together, the people who work for the City imagine, build, operate and animate to make life better for a million Edmontonians. The employee experience reflects the diversity of our workplace and doesn't hinge on one thing. It's more than an engagement survey, or a respectful workplace directive, or leadership training, or safety programs. It's those things, and so much more. The employee experience is about listening, learning and doing our part in equipping each other to do our best work.    

December 2020 Employee Check-in Survey

Thank you to the 5,121 employees who participated in the December 2020 Employee Check-in Survey. There was a slight decrease in the December employee satisfaction (eSat) score (69 vs 70) from the previous employee survey in August.

December 2020 Employee Check-in Survey Results

December 2020 Employee Check-in Survey Corporate Results

Strengths and Opportunities:

Overall, employees continue to have a good sense of purpose and meaning in their work at the City, although many comments speak to the uncertainty and fear that many employees are feeling.


Employees shared their feedback with us through surveys in each quarter of 2020. The Employee Survey program provides people leaders with the chance to listen and learn from employees’ unique perspectives. The next step is to lead by taking action to operate differently based on the input received to improve the employee experience.

In reviewing our results, we are listening, learning and leading based on your input. We are reviewing the collective results of all employee surveys in 2020 and extensive consultation with Employee Resource Networks across the City to develop recommendations for our 2021 Corporate Engagement Plan. The Plan is being brought back to ELT for approval shortly and will be shared before the end of February.

August 2020 Employee Experience Survey Results

August 2020

Employee Experience

Decreases were observed across employee experience measures when compared to June 2020. 

Question Dec August June March
How happy are you working at the City of Edmonton? 69 70 74 70
I would recommend the City of Edmonton as a great place to work. 68 68 72 69
How are you doing? - 66 68 -


Employees are generally satisfied with the City’s response and team precautions to COVID-19, with a slight decrease observed from June.

Question August June
I am satisfied with the City of Edmonton’s Response to Covid-19. 71 73
I am confident that my team is taking the right precautions to minimize the impact of Covid-19. 77 80

Supportive Environment

The results related to a supportive environment at the City show that work needs to be done in this area.

Question Score
At work I feel cared about as a person. 65
I am treated with respect in my workplace. 71
I feel a sense of belonging at the City of Edmonton. 64
I feel comfortable being myself at work. 69
I can succeed when I am myself at work. 73
I feel valued for my unique perspective and skills. 64
I have opportunities for professional success that are similar to those of my colleagues. 60
I have to work harder than others to be valued equally here. 43*
My direct supervisor demonstrates commitment to and support of diversity and inclusion. 75
I feel at ease with people who are different than me. 83
I believe that diverse perspectives add value to the work that we do. 84
My workplace is accepting of all backgrounds and identities.  78

Concerning Behaviour

The 2020 Employee Experience Survey measures concerning behaviours that employees are experiencing in the workplace. This approach is different than what was done in previous surveys, and provides more detail into specific behaviours that employees are experiencing. Measuring the experiences that employees have with behaviour zones provides the City with more detailed information that will inform actions to create and sustain a respectful workplace.

In 2018, 24% of employees perceived that they had experienced harassment in the workplace. With the increase in options to break concerning behaviour down, only 9% of employees indicated that they had experienced harassment. The most common concerning behaviour experienced by employees, were in the yellow zone of behaviour, which can be defined as unprofessional behaviour that can negatively impact workplaces and work relationships. This includes things like micromanaging, people not doing what they said they would do, idle gossip and interrupting. Fortunately. the behaviours get less common when we look at more serious orange and red zone behaviours. 

We will continue to monitor and address concerning behaviour in the workplace at the City.

A graph showing a bar chart showing employees that experienced concerning behaviour

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The percentage of employees who are experiencing discrimination is down significantly from 14% in 2018 to 11% in 2020. It is concerning that discrimination from the public continues to increase, with 34% of employees who experienced discrimination identifying members of the public as the source in 2020, compared to 27% in 2018, and 24% in 2016.


Much of the diversity at the City remained constant over time. A decrease in Indigenous persons and an increase in those identifying as LGBTQ2S+ was observed.

A graph showing diversity.

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Employee Check-in Survey Results

March 2020

June 2020

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