The list of development permit applications received, with their status, for cannabis retail store locations.

More Details

Further details can be found on, selecting "Address Lookup," entering the address information, and choosing the "Applications" tab. 

You can find information about approved cannabis retail locations, potential areas for cannabis retail, and buffers from sensitive uses by visiting and selecting "Cannabis Locations."

Cannabis Retail Development Permits

The map below is updated regularly. To export the data from the map, select view source data from the link below the map and open in a new browser window, and then select export from the top right corner of the new map window.

Reasons for Multiple Development Permits at One Location

As required by Section 70.6 and 70.7 of the Zoning Bylaw, all development permits were issued with a condition requiring the store to be established or begin operations within nine months of the permit being issued. This ensured that cannabis retail stores only opened after legalization came into effect and those permit holders intended to develop their retail locations within a reasonable period of time. 

City administration committed to City Council that this requirement would be removed once federal legalization occurred. On February 25, 2019, City Council approved changes to Section 70 of the Zoning Bylaw to vary the Government of Alberta regulations on separation distances and to remove Section 70.6 and 70.7 from the Zoning Bylaw.

These changes came into effect on February 26, 2019. All future development permits for cannabis retail will no longer be subject to the nine-month condition.

Existing cannabis retail sales development permit holders had the option to reapply for a new development permit to remove this nine-month condition. As a result, you might see additional development permit at the same property.