Where can I smoke downtown, on Whyte Avenue or in other high traffic areas?

Smoking and using e-cigarettes (vaping) is not permitted within 10 meters of a bus stop, bus shelter, or the doorway, window and air intake of a building or patio. This applies to both cannabis and tobacco.

The City is identifying areas where smoking is permitted in dense commercial areas. Ashtrays will be moved to locations where smoking and vaping is permitted. This will take time so the City will begin with Whyte Avenue and Downtown locations.  

Is the City going to make areas where people can smoke?

Policies for the creation of designated smoking areas are still being developed. The City is working towards identifying spots in high-traffic areas for citizens to be able to smoke that follows the 10 meter bylaw criteria. These will be identified and signs placed to help inform citizens.

What if the door or window is shut, do I still need to be 10 meters away?

The doorways and windows do not have to be opened for this rule to apply.  

Are e-cigarettes allowed to be used in public places?

E-cigarettes (vaping) follow the same rules as tobacco and cannabis.

In sports fields, is there a designated smoking area for parents watching their children playing sports? Can someone smoke in parking lots near the fields?

No. A City sports field is defined as parkland that contains a sports field and therefore smoking is prohibited. If a parking lot is within the parkland, smoking is still prohibited.

What advice is there for citizens who witness others smoking in public parks? How would I report violations?

Residents who witness a violation of the bylaw can discuss your concerns with the smoker. You can also record the address and description of the violation and report it to 311. The ability to enforce individual infractions is limited but areas with high reports can be targeted and patrolled by enforcement officials. Enforcement of the bylaw through targeted blitzes will be used in problem areas on a complaint basis only.

What is a business owner's or manager's responsibility for the smoking regulations and cigarette litter?

A business owner must take reasonable steps to ensure that smoking does not take place within non-smoking zones by:

  • Asking people to extinguish the cigarette, cigar, cigarello or pipe 
  • Refusing them service  
  • Requesting they leave 
  • Contacting the Edmonton Police Service at 780-423-4567, if someone refuses to co-operate

An owner or manager may be fined if they do not take these progressive steps to ensure people are not smoking in prohibited areas.

According to the Community Standards Bylaw, a business owner must ensure that there are no nuisances, including cigarette butts, on the sidewalks and boulevards around the property up to the centre line of the adjacent city road.

What are the penalties?

The fine is $250 for the first offence and may be doubled for the second offence.

If a business owner permits smoking in a prohibited area, the fine is $500 to the business owner.