Community Standards Bylaw 14600

Prior to passing the Community Standards Bylaw more than a dozen bylaws governed how to care for private property in Edmonton. The outdated legislation did not fit the City's current standards for safety and cleanliness in our community.

The City of Edmonton has simplified and combined this group of "good neighbour" bylaws into one concise, stand-alone bylaw. We hope this simple, user-friendly bylaw helps Edmontonians to understand their responsibilities as property owners and neighbours.

Community Standards Bylaw 14600
This bylaw came into effect April 1, 2008

What Property Concerns does the Community Standards Bylaw Regulate?

This bylaw regulates the essential conduct and maintenance required of property owners on private property and immediate adjacent areas. Private yards, buildings, property perimeters, city boulevards and sidewalks must be maintained to a reasonable and common standard.

What Are the Fines?

The fine for disregarding any section of the Community Standards Bylaw is $250. The fine for failure to remove snow is $100. When property owners do not comply with a property or snow removal request, the City may clean up and charge the cost to the property owner.

Which Bylaws Were Combined to Form the Community Standards Bylaw?

Existing legislation, in whole or part, was combined to form sections of the new bylaw. In addition new sections were added to manage graffiti on private property, litter on boulevards, and to remove hazardous standing water or ditches.

Can the City of Edmonton Direct Activities on Private Property?

The Municipal Government Act allows municipalities such as Edmonton to pass bylaws to maintain the health, safety and welfare of their citizens and to promote community living. The Act allows the City to create bylaw offences, impose penalties, conduct inspections, and remedy offences. The City may define what is unacceptable or below the municipal standard.

Who Enforces Community Standards?

The Community Standards and Neighbourhoods Branch conducts enforcement to discourage and remedy nuisance conditions, from junk-filled yards to snow-covered sidewalks. Most of us only think about enforcement when we have trouble with a messy neighbourhood or a careless business owner. Bylaw enforcement helps to ensure our community is clean, healthy and safe.

On average, Bylaw Officers investigate more than 18,000 private property complaints a year. They follow an escalating enforcement model that seeks compliance over enforcement and allows people to voluntarily remedy offences. When necessary, a warning notice, fine, or cleanup order is issued.

Public Places Bylaw 14614

What Activities Does Public Places Bylaw 14614 Regulate?

To keep Edmonton safe and encourage citizens to behave appropriately the Public Places Bylaw 14614 regulates behaviour and activities such as smoking, littering, fighting on public roadways, sidewalks, squares, courts, alleys, and all spaces that allow public access.

Public Places Bylaw 14614

Who Enforces the Public Places Bylaw?

A variety of enforcement units in Edmonton will utilize this legislation to keep our neighbourhoods safe such as Edmonton Transit, Park Rangers, Edmonton Police Service and Bylaw Services.

What Are the Fines?

Offence Fine
Obstructions $250
Dangerous Actions $250
Firearms $500
Littering $250
Dumping Dangerous Substance $250
Fighting $500
Harassing $250
Smoking $250