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Read about up-to-date COVID-19 related service adjustments for development, permit, licensing, and construction & inspection services.

Greenfield developments, industrial developments, bare land condominiums.

To subdivide a single lot see Lot Splitting

To legally separate space in existing buildings see Condominium Conversions.

Service Overview

Subdivision is the process of dividing a property into 2 or more legal lots. 

Subdivision is a 2-part process - conditional approval and endorsement. Separate applications and fees are required for each part.

Conditional approval is the process of determining what conditions will need to be met to subdivide lots. The endorsement process confirms that these conditions have been met. 

Application Process

Conditional Approval 

Application Review

City staff review applications to ensure the parcels created:

  • Are suitable for their intended use including environmental considerations
  • Are serviceable
  • Have access to a road or a lawful means of access
  • Conform with all statutory plans and the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw

A conditional approval letter is sent by City staff, which includes the conditions for subdividing your property. Common conditions of complex subdivision applications include:

City staff compare the conditional approval letter with the plan of survey to ensure the conditions have been satisfied. After endorsement is complete the landowner can register their lots with Alberta Land Titles

You can appeal a subdivision refusal or condition. Refer to your conditional approval letter to see which of the following boards to appeal to: 

Appeals must be made within 14 days of the date of your conditional approval letter.  Adjacent property owners are notified of applications when received and are invited to comment, but have no right to appeal decisions.

Who Can Apply

Landowners can submit a subdivision application. 

Landowners are highly encouraged to engage a registered planning professional or land surveyor to submit the application on their behalf to expedite the subdivision process. 

Fees and Payment Options


  • Fees are charged based on the number and type of lots created
  • For fee rates see pages 3 – 4 of the 2021 Land Development Application Fees.
  • Note: There may be additional costs for preparing technical reports, legal documents, or servicing agreements 

Payment Options

Payment can be made online during the application process using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Over the Phone
To pay with a credit card over the phone, please call 780-442-5054 with the following information:

  • Address
  • Application number 
  • Surveyor’s file number 

In Person/By Mail

  • In person or mail payments are conducted via cheque only 
  • Cheques should be made payable to “City of Edmonton” 
  • Cheques can be mailed or delivered to: 

Edmonton Service Centre
2nd Floor, Edmonton Tower
10111 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB
T5J 0J4

When paying endorsement fees by cheque ensure your payment includes the following:

Checklist for Endorsement Fees Paid by Cheque

Cheque Information Payable to “City of Edmonton”
Cover letter 
  • Attn: Chief Subdivision Officer
  • Land Development Application (LDA) number 
  • Surveyor’s file number
  • Cheque number

Application timelines vary based on the complexity of the application. The following table shows average calendar days for each application type.

Conditional Approval Timelines

Application Type Average Calendar Days 
Complex Application 100
Non-Complex Application 60
Major Change 100
Minor Change 100

Endorsements are typically issued within 18 average calendar days.

Application Types

Complex Applications: 

  • Typically includes large greenfield residential or industrial/commercial sites, and
  • Usually include servicing agreements, assessments, offsite construction fees, or Municipal Reserve. 

Non Complex Applications:

  • Typically includes serviced industrial or commercial sites, 
  • Usually does not include servicing agreements and/or offsite construction other than payment of drainage assessments or limited water and sewer service,  connections/extensions, and
  • Includes most condominium applications, boundary adjustments and title separations.

Major Change: 

  • Multiple changes or rephasing to a conditionally approved application.

Minor Change:

  • Adding or removing lots to a conditionally approved application.

Step 1. Apply for Conditional Approval

Check Your Zoning

The Zoning Bylaw regulates the size and locations of new developments. 

Check the zoning regulations that apply to your property to ensure that your intended development can be accommodated on the property once subdivision is complete. Zoning regulations can include maximum height, building size, and required distances for buildings from property lines.

You can check the zoning regulations that apply to your property through the Zoning map: 

  • Search your address at
  • In the general tab, scroll down to find the sections called Current Zone, Overlay, and Plan in Effect

If you have more questions about your property, speak with a City planner.

See What is Zoning? To learn more about the purpose of zoning regulations. 

Pre-Application Meeting

  • A pre-application meeting can improve the application process and shorten timelines. 
  • Pre-application meetings are not required but highly encouraged for complex applications. Contact a City planner for inquiries about non-complex applications. 
  • During a pre-application meeting you will meet with a team of City staff from different departments (including but not limited to transportation, drainage, fire rescue) who will review and provide feedback on your proposed project.
  • Review the Subdivision Application Checklist to determine which documents are required for a pre-application meeting.
  • To request a pre-application meeting use the online request form

Meeting Details:

  • First-come, first-serve, based on completed requests
  • All pre-application meetings are held on Wednesdays
  • Meetings are 50 minutes long
  • A meeting record will be shared one week after the meeting occurs

Application Requirements

Review the Subdivision Application Checklist to determine which documents are required for your application type. 

Supporting documents: 

Apply Online
Paper applications are not accepted. For assistance with your application contact a City planner.

To make changes after an application has been submitted send updated documents to

After You Apply 

Step 2. Apply for Endorsement

Before You Apply 

  • Ensure all the conditions outlined the conditional approval letter have been completed. 

Application Requirements 

The following documents are required to begin your endorsement application: 

  • Plan of Survey (PDF preferred)
  • Utility Right of Way Plans (if applicable, PDF preferred)
  • Current Certificate(s) of Title and all City of Edmonton instruments registered on title
  • Conditions of Approval Letter and Enclosure Maps
  • A copy of Deferred Reserve Caveats registered on title (if applicable)
  • Any applicable documentation to support confirmation of conditions
  • Three (3) paper copies (if required) of any Restrictive Covenants (berm and fence, top of bank and pipeline) which require City staff’s signature to execute.
  • Additional encumbrances registered by the City (as requested by the reviewer)
  • Subdivision Authority Approval Form - for endorsements requiring the City Clerk’s signature
  • Subdivision Authority Approval Form - for endorsements not requiring the City Clerk’s signature
  • Top of Bank Restrictive Covenant - if required
  • Berm and Fence Restrictive Covenant - if required

Apply Online
Paper applications are not accepted. See the Endorsement Online Submission Guide for help with your application. 

After You Apply 

For More Information

Edmonton Service Centre
2nd Floor, 10111 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 0J4


Subdivision Telephone List

In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311


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