To create a bare land condominium, contact for application information.

The Condominium Property Act, RSA 2000 provides an opportunity for landowners to convert existing buildings into condominiums. The act requires the City's approval prior to registration of such conversions.

Plan Review

Condominium Conversion applications are subject to the Condominium Property Act and Condominium Property Regulation (Alberta Regulation 168/2000), each application must be reviewed and consent granted by the Subdivision Authority and Office of the City Clerk.  Prior to consent an Alberta Land Surveyor submits the condominium plan to the Subdivision Authority for review.

The review consists of reviewing the Condominium Plan to ensure the plan matches the approved development permit and related plans. For re-divisions of existing condominiums, the proposed revisions to the condominium plan must match the approved development and building permits and related plans.

Following the review the Subdivision Authority signs the Condominium Consent Form followed by the Office of the City Clerk signature. Once this is complete, the Alberta Land Surveyor will receive the signed document and may proceed to register the Condominium Conversion Plan through the Alberta Land Titles Office.

Fees are charged for this service, the fees are based upon the current year’s fee schedule.

The review process will normally take approximately two weeks.

Application Requirements

Condo Submissions Requirements:

  • Condo Conversion Submission - address, your file number
    • for example, Condo Conversion Submission- 12345 - 123 Street, 256848PH3
  • Complete the Application for Condominium Conversion
  • Send Cheque for fees with cover letter referencing:
    • Attn: Blair McDowell 
    • Condo Conversion Application
    • Your file number
    • Address, legal description

The cheque for the condominium fee are payable to the City of Edmonton. The fee is $40 per unit for each residential, commercial or industrial unit and $29 (2022) per unit for each underground parking stall.

  • Digital documents required:

    • Cover letter:  including address, phase number (if applicable), Development Permit number, Building Permit number, associated LDA number (phased condo) and cheque number.
    • Development Permit prior to 2005
    • Condo Conversion Plan (PDF)
    • Site Plan signed and approved by Development Compliance (PDF)
    • If required the underground parking plan signed and approved by Development Compliance (PDF)
    • Addressing correlation list (legal units and corresponding suite number and address)
    • Subdivision Authority Condominium form (Word doc)
    • Title(s) within the last 30 days (PDF)
    • Any encumbrances registered by the City - such as DRC/RCs

Other notes

  • In the event that the building is older than 10 years or the approved parking plan is unavailable, the applicant is required to prepare and submit a parking plan.  The parking plan should identify:
    • The number of parking stalls
    • The width and length of the parking stalls
    • The width of the drive aisles
    • A list identifying the number of bedrooms per unit
  • The above requirements shall comply with the zoning in effect at the time the development permit was issued.
  • It should be noted that visitor parking stalls shall be identified as common property.

Converting surface parking stalls is treated as a bare land condominium and is deemed to be an application for subdivision. An application for subdivision to create the "bare land parking units" must be submitted through the City of Edmonton's online subdivision application.