Every purchase has intended and unintended economic, environmental and social impacts. Sustainable procurement is about consciously considering those impacts and seeking to make intentional positive community contributions.

The City integrates economic, quality, environmental and social value considerations into procurement processes for goods, services and construction projects, to the extent permitted by the City's trade agreement obligations.

The  Sustainable Procurement Policy - C556B provides a framework for our purchasing activities in order to create intentional positive environmental, social, and economic impacts, while maintaining open, fair and transparent procurement processes.


In an effort to make meaningful improvements to the City’s Sustainable Procurement initiatives, the City is seeking a more thorough understanding of the diversity of ownership within its supplier base. 

Using the Supplier Enablement process, new suppliers to the City of Edmonton will now be asked if their ownership falls within one or more of the 10 categories including Social Enterprise, Social Purpose Organization, Indigenous-owned business, Women-owned business, Business owned members of a visible minority, Business owned by persons with disabilities, Veteran-owned business, Business owned by 2SLGBTQQIA+, Youth-owned business, Immigrant or refugee-owned business.

Responses to this question are optional but appreciated, and in no way impact the supplier’s relationship with the City.