The City sells its surplus vehicles, equipment, tools, furniture and sundries by public auction. 

Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Auctions

City owned vehicles and heavy equipment as well as police seized vehicles, unclaimed articles and bicycles are sold by Michener Allen Auctions. City surplus items are sold at the same time as items from other sellers. 

Visit Michener Allen Auctions for available items, dates and location

Online Auction

The City's surplus small equipment, furniture, tools and sundries as well as unclaimed lost and found items left on City property, are sold via online auction by Ritchie Bros at

Payment is made at the time of purchase. 

Online auction items are updated regularly.

Buyer must pick up the item where indicated, within five business days of purchase unless otherwise indicated. 

Terms and Conditions

Items sold through Surplus Disposal are sold on the basis of "As is - Where is." There are no guarantees expressed or implied.

Animal and Livestock Assets

Occasionally, a City business area may have the need to find a new home for its livestock and animal assets. 

Livestock and animal assets are to be dispositioned in a way that allows the asset to live out their natural life with appropriate care.

The City will consult with local organizations including WELCA and ACC to determine the most suitable location/owner going forward. The City business area owning the animal or livestock has the final decision as to whether it will be sold or donated and to whom. 

A health assessment by a professional veterinarian will be conducted prior to the disposition and all known medical conditions and medication needs to be documented and provided to the new owner.   

The City will also check with the ASPCA and ACC to determine whether the intended recipient has any publicly available formal complaints, investigations, charges, and/or grievances.  The City’s law branch will provide guidance as required for the disposition of all livestock and animals. The new owner will be required to enter into a formal agreement for the transfer of ownership which has been vetted by the Law branch.

Animals, refers to animals owned by the City, other than Livestock and animals from the City zoo, the John Janzen Nature Centre (JJNC) and/or from Animal Care & Control Centre (ACCC). Livestock, refers to livestock owned by the City, where the City of Edmonton follows the definition of livestock established by the Alberta Animal Protection Regulation, Alta Reg 2003/2005, which includes horses, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, poultry and bees and means fur-bearing animals, alpacas, llamas, ratites, elk, deer and bison raised in captivity, except for animals from the City zoo.