On January 1, 2016, the Supplier Performance Program was initiated for design and construction Contractor contracts, and design and construction related Consultant agreements.

Program Purpose

  • Promote positive Supplier performance
  • Provide a standardized approach to formally measure Supplier performance on City of Edmonton contracts that procure goods, services or construction
  • Ensure good value is derived from the contracted goods, services or construction
  • Establish the processes to address concerns with Supplier performance

A Supplier’s failure to perform a contract satisfactorily exposes the City to financial and operational risk and liability to claims from third parties.

Program Process

A process has been created, detailing the Supplier Performance Program - performance evaluations and how the information is used in future procurement competitions and performance related standings - probation and suspension.

Evaluation Categories and Criteria

Performance Evaluation categories and criteria have been developed for design and construction related consultants and contractors. City project managers can select appropriate categories and criteria for their specific projects from these predefined choices. To assist project managers at evaluation time, scoring guidelines have also been developed for each of the evaluation criteria.

Listed here are the evaluation categories, criteria and scoring guidelines for the design and construction related consultants, contractors and design build contractors. NOTE: these Performance evaluation categories, criteria and scoring guidelines may change so continue to check this site for current materials.

Construction Consultant
Construction Contractor
Construction Design Build

List of Suspended Suppliers

Following is the list of Suppliers (contractor or consultant) that have been suspended by the City of Edmonton. These Suppliers are prohibited from responding to City procurement opportunities that fall within the scope of their suspension, or be awarded Contracts for goods, services or construction, directly or indirectly by the City.

Bidders shall not carry a suspended Supplier (contractor or consultant) in any Pre-Qualification, Tender, Request for Proposal, Negotiated Request for Proposal or other procurement (including single source or sole source contracts) conducted with the City.

Name of Supplier Start Date of Suspension Minimum Duration of Suspension Scope of Suspension
No current suspensions      

Supplier Appeal Process

Information about appealing a performance evaluation or a performance related standing - probation or suspension.