A road closure is an application to permanently close a portion of public roadway. To permanently close a road, a road closure bylaw must be passed by City Council and a sales agreement must be negotiated and signed by the City and the applicant.

Anyone interested in applying for a road closure should first consult with the City by calling 780-944-0118 to determine if the road right-of-way is surplus land before submitting an application.

If the City confirms that the road in question is surplus, the applicant may contact the Real Estate and Housing Branch by emailing propertysales@edmonton.ca for an estimate of the land costs. In many cases, the decision to make an application to close a road, or portion of a road, depends on the purchase price. 

How to Apply 

The City processes all road closure applications through an online Land Development Application (LDA) system. Hardcopy applications are not accepted. 

Apply Online
You will need to register for an account the first time you make an application.

To make a road closure application, you will need to submit:

  • A map of the proposed road closure area
  • A cover letter describing the reason for the application

If you need help applying, please call the department at the number below for assistance. Planning staff can assist in creating an LDA online at one of our kiosks.


Fees are not required at the time of application. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be sent an invoice with the correct fee amount. Fees must be paid before formal review and circulation can occur.

2024 Planning and Development Fee Schedules ​ ​- Effective January 1, 2024

Please note that the applicant is also responsible for all fees associated with the sale, including but not limited to soil tests, surveys, Land Titles registrations and utility relocations if required.

Payment Options

Payment can be made online during the application process using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

By mail (cheque only):
Edmonton Service Centre
2nd Floor, Edmonton Tower
10111 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB
T5J 0J4

Over the phone
311 or, if outside of Edmonton, 780-442-5311

Timelines and Process

Processing time for a Road Closure application is influenced by many factors and can be longer if complex planning issues arise. Additionally, processing times are dependent on reaching an agreed upon purchase price between the City and the applicant. See the Permanent Road Closure Process flowchart for details. After a road closure is approved by City Council, the closed road is typically consolidated with the applicant’s land by way of a plan of survey.