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Saturday, Jun 18, 2022, is Neighbour Day!

Celebrate together the connections, safety, care and friendships that we bring to our neighbourhoods. Strong and connected neighbourhoods are important to the health and well-being of our city. We invite you to reach out to the people on your block or building and support a safer, connected and more vibrant city!

Let’s demonstrate why Edmonton is a neighbourly city! 

Inspire others by sharing your Neighbour Day activities on social media, using the hashtags#YEGNeighbourDay, #GetNeighbouring

Ways to Get Neighbouring on Neighbour Day

We offer you some activities to celebrate this day. You can also invite your neighbours to share their ideas, everyone can participate!

Say Hello

Wave, smile, have a short conversation with a neighbour. Small acts can create a neighbourly vibe!

Decorate your Window

Brighten up your windows with decorations and invite your neighbours to participate.

  • We have some samples, feel free to add your creative touch!
Organize a Local Act of Kindness

Offer to mow your neighbour's lawn, bake extra and pass it on or share a special skill or talent.

Thank a Neighbour

Post a word of gratitude on your neighbourhood social media, deliver a thank you card or chalk the sidewalk with your appreciation. 

Celebrate your Block

If you live on an awesome block, building floor or cul-de-sac nominate them for an Awesome Block Award

Play Together

Adults and children benefit from play. Bring your neighbours together and play a game. One option is  Get Neighbouring Bingo  

Steward your Environment

Pick up litter in a shared space near your home.  

For resources visit Capital City Clean-up 

Welcome a New Neighbour

If you have a new neighbour reach out and offer to be their tour guide. 

If you have a newcomer family or neighbour living close to you, reach out and invite them to join the party. Ask them if they need some support about life in Canada and try to learn more about their culture. For more information: New Resident Program

Short on Planning Time?

Have a Block Social, a quickly planned event on your front step, front lawn or back parking pad. No permit is needed since it is on private property!

If you do something fun with your neighbours on Neighbour Day remember to document it. Take photos or a video, and submit it to the Awesome Block Awards.  

Check out these awesome videos of some blocks that were nominated for the awards in 2021.