After several years of planning and construction, the first element of Nature's Wild Backyard at the Edmonton Valley Zoo is complete. The Urban Farm, a contemporary take on old MacDonald's farm, has opened its barn doors.

This open and airy modern-day farm showcases experiential learning and exhibitry at its best. Here, guests of all ages can observe goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and a host of others in their open enclosures. Without the restriction of bars and plexiglass barriers, visitors can enjoy an intimate Get Closer experience watching the animals, listening to their grunts and bleats, and yes, smelling the hay and the scent of their feathers and hair. 

Of course, you'll want to spend time in the contact yard where visitors can give our Urban Farm critters a pat, maybe even groom a goat, or give a sweet Babydoll sheep a scratch. Drop by 364 days a year to watch the baby goats grow up or the lambs mature into sheep. Throughout the summer, be sure to check the incubation room to witness the chicks hatching.

Enjoy exhibits that explain farm life, demonstrations on how to make ice cream and card wool, and try your hand at milking a life-sized model cow.  Food producers such as Alberta dairy, beef, and poultry tell their stories in displays and talk about how the animals are raised and cared for. The Urban Farm will help you understand where your food comes from.