*The lengths and locations of drop-in programs are approximate and may change due to the unpredictability of working with animals, inclement weather, and construction. Daily drop-in program schedules may change on special event days. For a list of upcoming events please visit: Event Days

Program Details

Canadian Carnivore Talk

Location: Carnivore Enclosures

Did you know that lynx prefer to hunt in the evening? Or that the wolf is the ancestor of all domestic dogs? Come learn more about one of our Canadian carnivores during this talk.

Creature Feature

Location: Saito Centre

Looking to get closer to some of our animals? Join us to meet and learn about one of the fascinating species that lives here at the zoo!

Elephant Talk

Location: Elephant Building

Visit Lucy the elephant and get a glimpse into her life! Watch Lucy and her care team together as they demonstrate exercise, care methods and the animal enrichment that Lucy receives on a regular basis. 

Meerkat Talk

Location: Saito Centre

Did you know that meerkats have a membrane that covers and protects their eyes while they dig? Come join us daily to see the meerkats fed and learn more about this amazing species.

Red Panda Talk

Location: Red Panda Enclosure

Did you know that red pandas aren’t closely related to Giant Pandas at all? Join us at the red pandas to learn more about these fascinating animals.

Reindeer Walk

Location: Reindeer Enclosure

Not only are reindeer some of Santa’s magical helpers—they've also mastered the ability to survive in one of the harshest climates in the world! Join the reindeer on their daily walk and learn how these magnificent animals have adapted to living in the Arctic. 

Seal Talk

Location: Arctic Shores

Did you know that a Harbour Seal can hold its breath for up to 25 minutes? Come learn about the two types of seals we have at the zoo and watch as they are fed their favourite type of food. 

Urban Farm Activity

Location: Urban Farm

Join us for a fun family friendly activity or game at the Urban Farm!