Walking on the Right Side of the (By)law


How do I know if there is a fire ban in the park?

Fire bans are issued by the Edmonton Fire Department. Park Rangers communicate and enforce the conditions of them in the parks.

The Park Rangers will post signage in the parks if a fire ban has been issued.

To find out of a fire ban has been issued, you may go to http://www.albertafirebans.ca, visit Trails/Parks Cautions and Closures or call 311.

Are any motorized vehicles allowed on the trails?

Parkland Bylaw C2202 prohibits the use of motorized equipment on trails, however there is a class of motorized equipment that are outside of this, as dictated by the Provincial Traffic Safety Act. If the vehicle is classed as a "mobility aid" (motorized wheelchair or power scooter), they are considered to be a pedestrian under the Provincial Traffic Safety Act, and would be allowed to operate on the trails. Otherwise any of the able-bodied type scooters would not be allowed.

1(v): "mobility aid" means a device used to facilitate the transport, in a normal seated orientation, of a person with a physical disability.
Special laws: A mobility aid user is by definition considered a pedestrian.
All rules that apply to pedestrians also apply to individuals operating a mobility aid.
(Traffic Safety Act, Section 1, definition of "pedestrian")

Is a Park Ranger a Police Officer?

Park Rangers ensure that river valley visitors follow federal and provincial laws through proactive patrols and education programs. The Rangers can issue tickets for City bylaw violations, certain provincial violations (such as consuming liquor in a public place) and are Peace Officers for the preservation and maintenance of the public peace, but they are not Police Officers.

What is "Parkland"?

"Parkland" isn't just parks; it's all natural areas, open space and recreation facilities like swimming pools and arenas. Parkland includes major attractions like Fort Edmonton Park and the Valley Zoo. Parkland is owned, controlled or maintained by the City.

What can I get a ticket for from a Ranger?

The following are examples of actions that could result in Park Rangers issuing you a violation ticket:

  • Consuming liquor in a public place
  • Lighting fires in places other than designated firepits
  • Interfering with others' quiet enjoyment of the valley
  • Letting your dog run off-leash on trails or to enter into picnic areas and playgrounds
  • Littering
  • Building tree houses
  • Harassing of wildlife, by either you or your dog
  • Entering a closed area
  • Being on City parkland between 11pm-5am
How high are the fines?

$100 (causing nuisance)

$250 (causing fire and pollution, not taking reasonable care on trails, removing barricades)

$500 (setting off fireworks, launching hot air balloons without a permit, entering the field of play at Telus Field or Commonwealth Stadium)

The main change from the old bylaw is that you don't have to appear in court - you just pay your fine.

Is the river valley safe to visit?

The river valley is not a dangerous place. The Park Rangers patrol the river valley seven days a week. You can access one of the 19 river valley blufones in case of emergency.

Where are the emergency phones?

The river valley emergency phones are in these locations:

  • Buena Vista Park
  • Capilano Park
  • Cloverdale shelter (south end of footbridge)
  • 50th St. boat launch
  • Forest Heights Park
  • Gold Bar Park
  • Hermitage Park
  • Kinnaird Park
  • Wilfred Laurier Park boat launch
  • Louise McKinney Park
  • Mill Creek Pool
  • Oldtimers Cabin
  • Rundle Park: South of golf course; Family Centre; Tennis courts
  • Terwillegar Park
  • Wayne Gretzky Drive (south end of bridge, west side of freeway along the path)
  • Whitemud Park
What wildlife am I likely to meet?

The river valley is home to a large number of urban coyotes. Although less shy than their rural cousins, the valley coyotes aren't normally aggressive towards dogs or humans. However, be careful between January and March (mating season) and April through early June (denning season). Keep your dog on the leash even in off-leash areas. Keep in mind there are porcupines and other dog-unfriendly forms of wildlife in the valley.

Aren't there too many geese in the river valley?

The geese population has mushroomed recently, except in Hawrelak and Hermitage parks.  The City aims to stabilize the number of nesting pairs through its goose management plan. The geese can be aggressive, especially towards small children. Keep your distance.

What do I do if I come across an injured animal?

Rangers advise to leave the animal alone rather than subject it to the additional stress of capture.