Every day there are critical situations where emergency responders need drivers to pay attention and follow the rules of the road so the emergency responders can do their jobs.

Rules of the Road

According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, when an emergency vehicle (ambulance, fire or police) is approaching you from any direction and is sounding a siren, you must yield the right-of-way by:

  • Immediately moving clear of any intersection
  • Driving your vehicle to the right side of the road if it has one or two lanes
  • Driving your vehicle to the nearest side of the road if it has three or more lanes. If you are in the centre lane, drive to the right side
  • Stopping until the emergency vehicle has passed and checking that no other emergency vehicles are approaching
  • Remember, you must not follow within 150m of any emergency vehicle that has its siren or lights operating

The instructional video provides details about the rules of the road as they pertain to emergency vehicles.