All City of Edmonton Single Trip Over-Dimensional / Overweight permits are now issued through the Government of Alberta’s TRAVIS Permitting System.

Annual permits for the City of Edmonton will continue to be issued by the City of Edmonton. Please email a renewed copy of Provincial Annual Permits to

An over-dimensional load exceeds the legal dimensions set by the Province of Alberta and they require carriers to obtain a permit to transport these large loads.

An over-dimensional permit is required to travel on Edmonton roads when the dimensions of the vehicle, including any load, exceeds one of the following measurements:

  • 2.6 metres wide (8.5 feet)
  • 4.15 metres high (13.5 feet) - measured from the ground up to the highest point of the load)
  • 22.86 metres long (75 feet) - measured from bumper to end of load

Annual Over-Dimensional Permits

Annual Over-Dimensional permits may be issued by the City of Edmonton to carriers whose loads are non-divisible.

Coordinated Over-Dimensional Moves

When the dimensions of the vehicle and load exceeds: 5.3 metres in height OR 4.9 metres in height (house move) OR 7.3 metres in width, a coordination service fee of $140.00 (non-refundable) will be applied.

This allows the City of Edmonton to coordinate the move with their utilities and service partners to monitor and/or adjust utility and communication lines, adjust traffic control signs and signals, trim trees, and manage traffic control. Coordinated over-dimensional moves help ensure the safe passage of these transport vehicles and their loads through the city, while minimizing interference with the normal flow of traffic.

The applicant will also be responsible for all charges incurred from utility and police escorts, tree trimming and traffic control adjustments related to the over-dimensional move.