The following information aims to provide answers to some of the common questions we've received about our MyProperty

If you continue to encounter issues with creating your profile or logging into MyProperty, call 311. If you have concerns with the information about your property, call 311 and ask to speak with a property assessor.

Can I receive my assessment and tax notices electronically?

Absolutely. Owners of residential properties can now opt out of paper copies for assessment and taxation mail and instead receive email and text notifications when their mail is uploaded to


To update your notification preferences, please log in to


What does the sign-up process look like?

1. Go to

2. Create profile as a property owner

  • Use your desired email address and password to create an online profile for yourself 

  • Verify your email through a link sent to your desired email address

  • Sign in to MyProperty 

3. Add any properties that you own to your online profile

How many profiles can I create?

For security reasons, the number of profiles attached to a property is limited to the number of property owners. We encourage you to create one profile with your personal email and attach as many properties as you own. Once you’ve done that, you will not be able to attach the same properties to a different profile.

Can I change my email address after I connect properties to my online profile?

Yes! If you wish to update your email address, you can do so on the profile screen in MyProperty.

Can I attach multiple properties to my online profile?

Absolutely. All you need is the latest assessment or tax notice for each property you own. Your notices will display account numbers and access codes, which you will need to enter to add your property to your online profile on

Why are you asking me to verify ownership?

Identifying yourself as the property owner is just another security step. Once you verify ownership, your property's information will be locked to your profile, which allows us to confirm that no one else has access to your property's information.

I think someone wrongfully attached my property. What should I do?

Full information about your property is available only to you, the property owner. If you suspect that your property is attached to an email that is not yours, please email as soon as possible.

How do I access a copy of my property tax notice or property assessment notice?

Once you create a profile on and attach your property, you will have access to your current and future property assessment and taxation notices for as long as you own your property. You can view the notices in the My Mail section of the MyProperty website.

Why is some information on my notices redacted?

We are currently redacting the property owner, mailing address, school support declaration and access code information because we work in a strict legal framework that dictates not to disclose these pieces of information. 

However, once a property owner switches to electronic delivery, any future notices will display full information.

How do I remove a property from my profile?

To remove a property from your profile, go to the homepage of the MyProperty site and click the “red X” button on the line of the property you wish to remove.

I encountered issues signing in to or creating my profile on the City's secure site for property owners. What should I do?

If you have any issues signing in or creating your profile, please follow prompts on the sign-in page.


If you continue to encounter issues with creating your profile or logging into the site, call 311.

Do I need to re-register every year?

No. Once you set up an online profile on and connect your property, you will have access to it as long as you own that property.

I can't add a property to my online profile on MyProperty. What should I do?

Please email us at or phone 311 (780-442-5311, if outside Edmonton) to correct this issue.

Why does the property owner login process differ from that of an agent?

Property owners who associate their property with their email through the Property Owner Access on MyProperty have access to electronic notifications, account balances and property specific details available only to the property owner. The Agent Access feature of MyProperty allows agents acting on behalf of owners to access basic assessment and tax information for a property, while protecting the property owners more sensitive information and notification preferences.

What should I do if I sell my property?

Once the City receives a change of ownership notification from the Land Titles Office, your previously owned property will be disconnected from your online profile on


However, we recommend you disconnect your property from your online profile after you sell it.

The information for my property is incorrect on the website. How do I get this information corrected?

If you’ve come across an error in your property information, contact us first.

Most property- or assessment-related concerns can be resolved by speaking with a 311 agent or assessor—with no formal complaint fees required.

To help us address your concerns more effectively, have your latest assessment notice in front of you with the "account" number and "valuation group" information ready.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can make any necessary corrections. 

What if the size of my home, as indicated on the City's secure website, is wrong?

Measurements used for assessment purposes reflect exterior measurements and may differ from what your builder has stated.  

If you believe that incorrect measurements have been used to calculate your assessment, please contact us.

How does the City keep my information secure and private?

Security of your personal and property data comes first in everything the City does. We protect all of your information with multiple layers of security. Some of them include data encryption and password hashing.


Also, the City collects your information under the authority of section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act), Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the School Act for the purpose of creating and administering your online, digital account for access to the City of Edmonton Assessment and Taxation online services. Your information is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the FOIP Act.