Photo of a Muttart Conservatory pyramid.

Phase I of the rehabilitation work is complete and was finished on time and on budget after an 18 month closure.

Project Update - January 2021

Phase I rehabilitation work is complete and included the necessary replacement and repair of aging facility systems.

Future phase II rehabilitation will focus on the greenhouse and will be brought before Council for consideration in the next budget cycle (2023-2026). The budget will be developed considering priorities for the facility and available funding. Work that required closure of the facility was prioritized in phase I and no further construction closures are anticipated.

About the Project

The Muttart Conservatory was selected as a priority for rehabilitation based on the age of the facility’s systems, building condition assessments, and through feedback from the teams that maintain and operate the facility. The City is committed to providing its members, citizens and visiting recreational users with quality amenities and spaces, therefore rehabilitation is necessary to ensure all facilities are safe, secure and clean for Edmontonians to fully enjoy.

Rehabilitation projects address existing infrastructure and services to fix, repair and/or upgrade. This work extends the lifespan of City buildings and systems, demonstrating good stewardship of City assets and sustainable planning to serve Edmontonians now and into the future.