Construction has begun for the First Place Program development at 4135 76 Street NW in Michaels Park. The program defers homeowners’ cost of land, allowing them to repay this cost to the City after five years, which will lower their mortgage payments. The homes are market priced and built in established neighbourhoods by the City’s professional build partners.

The First Place Program development will proceed on the Split Site (Option 1), the already approved site, as there was not a broad based preference from residents for either option. Changing to the Consolidated Site (Option 2) would have required broad based support from throughout the community. This decision was based on community input, park use, and technical and financial feasibility.

What We Heard Report

The community was asked for their input on two site locations in November 2019. The What We Heard Report captures the feedback received from the public engagement. This feedback was used as community input for the site selection decision.

Michaels Park Design Committee

We thank all residents who applied to be part of the Design Committee. Together with the City and the builder, Rohit Communities, the Design Committee will consider design options to ensure the Michaels Park First Place housing integrates well and brings value to the community.

The Michaels Park design engagement process is now underway. 

Design Committee Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2020
March 4, 2020
February 19, 2020 

Past Public Engagement

The City held a drop-in public engagement session on November 27, 2019 for residents of Michaels Park to provide their input on which First Place Program option locations works best for the community. Thank you to members of the community who attended the drop-in or completed the online survey. 

Meeting Materials

Public engagement boards
What We Heard Report

Information handouts

Background and timeline
Design Committee
Map of location options
Resident invitation mailout
Resident information mailout