If you see a needle on public property, call 311 or use the 311 app. If the needle is located on private property, call Hiregood at 780-426-0500.

When reporting a needle using the 311 App, your ticket will show as being ‘closed’. This means needle pick up has been scheduled.

The Capital City Cleanup program is responsible for safe needle collection and disposal from public property. Our focus is on enhancing community safety by providing a safe and reliable way to dispose of needles and needle debris. Our goal, in collaboration with our community partners, is to keep our streets, parks and playgrounds clean and safe for everyone. 

If the needle is on public property, we will coordinate pick-up and disposal. 

If the needle is on private property, we will provide you with the information you need to pick-up and dispose of the needle safely.

To help you safely handle and dispose of needles, follow these three steps:

  1. Pick-up needle(s), pointing away from your body, with tongs or thick gloves
  2. Place needle(s) in a metal or hard plastic, sealed container and label it ‘used needles’
  3. Wash hands with soap and warm water

Where Do I Dispose Of The Needle(s)?

There are a number of options available to dispose of a needle(s) safely. See our interactive map that shows the locations of needle boxes and ecostations. 

For injection drug users, Streetworks provides a free needle exchange service.

Although it’s always important to be careful, there is minimal risk in picking up a used needle. The risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis from an accidental needle stick is very low. Most viruses become inactive after being exposed to the air. The vast majority of people will not get sick by picking up or getting poked by a needle. If you need more detailed information, please visit myhealth.alberta.ca/needlesafety.

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Information Guide

Safe Needle Collection and Disposal in Edmonton