The Community League Operating Grant provides funding assistance to community leagues in the City of Edmonton. The funding enables leagues to be in a better position to meet operating requirements, support the specific needs in their neighbourhoods, improve collaboration with other organizations and deliver effective and efficient programs and services.

2023 Application Process

Applications for 2023 will not be collected through the City of Edmonton online application process.  

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) will be collecting information they require through the EFCL Annual Reporting for Leagues form.  

This change is to streamline the collection of information by Leagues for the Tripartite Agreement and the Operating Grant program.

The information collected by the EFCL will be shared with the City of Edmonton on an ongoing basis for granting and project purposes.  

In order to receive a 2023 Community League Operating Grant please complete the EFCL Annual Reporting for Leagues form by the March 1, 2023 EFCL deadline. That information will be provided to the City by the March 22, 2023 grant deadline.  

For more information or to complete your Annual Reporting Form please view EFCL Community League Operating Grant.

Please refer to the 2023 Community League Reporting Guide before filling out your report. If you have further questions about the reporting process, please contact the EFCL at

If you require any additional information please email or call 780-496-4933.