The City of Edmonton Community Investment Operating Grant (CIOG) program provides operating assistance to Edmonton's non-profit organizations whose activities benefit citizens of Edmonton.

We’re pleased to announce the 2021 Community Investment Operating Grant is available and open for applications. Deadline for applications is Wednesday, January 27, 2021 by 11:59pm. Applications after that date will not be accepted.

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Before You Apply
  • Get to know the grant purpose, policy and guidelines
  • Read the grant guide for each grant program to ensure you qualify
  • Ensure you have your Account ID and registered organization email with the City of Edmonton Grants Office
Do you know your Grant Account ID?

With our online grant applications, you will need two pieces of information to apply to any grant program:

  1. Your City of Edmonton grants assigned account ID
  2. Your organization or applicant email that is registered with the City of Edmonton Grants Office

To create or retrieve your City of Edmonton account ID:

  • Fill out the Account ID Request Form and a city employee will get back to you within 2 business days with your account information

 If you have any issues with the online application form, please call the Grants Office for assistance at 780-496-4933.

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Once you enter your Account ID and Organization email, your account information will automatically populate on the application. If you noticed that your information is not correct in our system (for example, an address change or main contact change), please contact our office as soon as possible to update your account. Incorrect information can result in a delay or inability to process your grant request.

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Grant Information and Resources



Your organization’s primary mandate must fall under one of the following:

  • Social Services - social programs and activities that help Edmontonians to strengthen personal or community life.
  • Multicultural - promote individual and group relations, in which ethnic, racial, religious and language similarities and differences are valued, respected and shared.
  • Recreation/Amateur Sport - those activities and experiences in which individuals choose to participate in their leisure time, such as: athletic, physical, historical, cultural, social and intellectual activities.

Your organization must also:

  • Be a not-for-profit organization registered for at least a year.
  • Have the majority of its participants living in Edmonton.
  • Provide direct ongoing programs and services that improve quality of life primarily for Edmontonians.
  • Accomplish an adequate level of activity to merit a grant.
  • Address the CIOG priorities and guidelines through their programs and services.
  • Have open membership except for valid program factors (for example - age).
  • Use the grant to further the applicant’s mandate as outlined in its constitutional documents.
  • Demonstrate sound board and financial governance practices. Examples of unsound governance practices could include having a board member also in a paid staff role within the organization, lack of financial controls/review.
  • Demonstrate initiative and success in generating diverse sources of funding.
  • Submit application and required documents by the deadline.
  • Have year-end financial statements that follow generally accepted accounting principles for not-for-profit organizations.

The applicant for a Community Investment Operating Grant must not:

  • Receive operating funds allocated by any other City of Edmonton source including City Council, Committees of City Council or grants administered by the Edmonton Arts Council or Edmonton Heritage Council.
  • Use the grant for capital purposes, including but not restricted to, the purchase of land, equipment, fixtures or physical facilities.
  • Use the grant, directly or indirectly, to further a profit venture.
  • Be in arrears of payments to their accounts with the City of Edmonton.
  • Have outstanding reports for any previous grants received from the City of Edmonton.
  • Pay Board members for their role on the board or as paid employees (some exceptions may be considered).


  1. Organizations demonstrate sound management practices and good governance (financial, board, and organizational) in carrying out their constitutional objectives
  2. Organizations address the City of Edmonton’s 10-year goal to “Improve Edmonton’s Livability” by contributing towards goals and objectives in Edmonton’s People Plan: The Way We Live


  1. Organizations may receive 1 operating grant per year funded by the City of Edmonton. These include operating grant programs for community leagues and seniors’ centres, as well as operating grant programs administered by the Edmonton Arts Council and Edmonton Heritage Council.
  2. Edmonton based organizations providing services and programs outside of Edmonton may be considered provided that separate financial information is submitted for the Edmonton-based programs and services.
  3. Organizations that have 2 years or more of unrestricted cash reserves or restricted but available for operating expenses, may not be considered for an operating grant.
  4. Organizations with operating expenses over 2 million dollars will not be considered.


An applicant may submit an appeal to the Community Services Advisory Board in the case where it can be demonstrated that the information in the application was misunderstood in the assessment process. An appeal must be submitted in writing by the date provided in the letter of recommendation.

The following are not considered grounds for appeal:

  • Dissatisfaction with the grant amount
  • A grant application and/or required documents were not submitted by the deadline
  • Changes in the organization’s circumstances since the submission of the grant application
  • Changes in the Application since the grant deadline date
  • Actions of other City departments that affect the Applicant since submitting the grant application (for example, complaints about taxes, utilities, rentals)
  • Applicant does not meet eligibility criteria
How to Apply

Deadline for submitting your application is Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

Required Documents

Please ensure the following required documents are attached to your online application:

  1. Most recent year-end financial statements (see Financial Statement Example)
  2. Bank Statements and Bank Reconciliation (required if your financial statements are internally audited)
  3. The Annual Report/President’s Report as presented at the most recent Annual General Meeting
  4.  Minutes of the most recent Annual General Meeting
  5. Board minutes approving funds to be saved for specific purposes (if applicable)
  6. Most recent proof of filing or annual return stamped by Corporate Registries
  7. Constitutional documents for first time applicants only (certificate of incorporation, objects and bylaws)
  8. New or amended bylaws (if applicable)
  9. Certificate of amendment to bylaws (if applicable)
  10. Financial Information
  11. Electronic Funds Transfer Request Form


  • Financial Statements must be signed by 2 Board members
  • Financial Statements that are not presented either as a notice to reader, a review or an audit must include a bank reconciliation and bank statement as at the fiscal year-end

Tips for Preparing a Strong Application

Be sure your financial statements meet the requirements (see Financial Statement Example).

Know the Purpose of the Grant Program
Be sure you understand the grant eligibility criteria, priorities and guidelines. They serve as the foundation for the review and assessment of your application.

State Accurate and Factual Information
Be truthful and accurate in all statements made in your application. Applications may be subject to random audits so information and statistics should be provable with appropriate documentation if requested.

Provide Clear and Concise Answers
Clear, well-written and complete answers will provide the reviewer with all required information.