The Family Violence Prevention Team

We work to prevent family violence and elder abuse, and all forms of gender-based violence. The team supports those affected by family violence with work in the community to raise awareness and take action against it. Our team champions individual and community efforts to stop the cycle of violence. We engage community members and provide education. 

Domestic Abuse High-Risk Team (DAHRT)

DAHRT is a partnership between social workers from the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Police Service. The team:

  • Contacts victims after there has been a police report of domestic violence

  • Assesses risk and provides safety options and support to victims

  • Makes recommendations to the court concerning victim safety

  • Partners with other agencies to assist victims

Seniors Protection Partnership 

Elder abuse is any action or inaction by self or others that jeopardizes an older adult’s health or well-being and occurs within a relationship where there is an expectation of trust.

The Seniors Protection Partnership (SPP) comprises the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police Service, Catholic Social Services, Sage Seniors Association and Covenant Health. The SPP collaborates with partners to address high-risk elder abuse cases through public education and engagement, prevention and intervention.

The Elder Abuse Consultation Team is here to support professionals who help to identify and prevent elder abuse. Please feel free to download and print this poster and share it with your networks.

How Can You Support Others Facing Family Violence?

We all play a role in preventing family/domestic violence. You can help support someone experiencing family/ domestic violence by:

  • Recognize if someone is acting differently, seems out of character or is afraid or fearful
  • Empathize with the person experiencing family or domestic violence
  • Ask what they need and how you can help them
  • Listen to what they want and find ways to stay connected
  • Remember to follow their lead -- they may be home with their abusers 24/7 during an illness, and it is crucial not to put that person at even more risk. 

Community Development

Family violence prevention and community work

Engaging Men and Boys in Family Violence Prevention

Using community development approaches, the team engages men and boys as allies in creating gender equity 

We work with many partners to build a collaborative, coordinated, intersectional response to gender-based violence at the regional, provincial, national and international levels.

The Family Violence Prevention Team also works closely with the Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative, aiming to reduce and ultimately end gender-based violence and sexual assault in Edmonton.