Turn the strangers that live next door into neighbours by saying hello, getting to know each other and connecting your community. Connected communities foster a sense of belonging. They can also facilitate local social and recreation opportunities, reduce isolation and increase safety on the block. It can be fun getting to know your neighbours!

The City works with community partners to support community connectedness through a number of activities.

Block Parties

Neighbourhood block parties are a great way for people to meet and get to know each other. Say “hello, how are you?” and invite your neighbour over!

Community Gardens

Gardening brings people of different backgrounds together. The City of Edmonton works in partnership with Sustainable Food Edmonton to support the benefits of community gardening.

Good Neighbours

Good neighbours care about their community! Make an effort to get to know your neighbours and help them out if you can. You can help shovel your neighbour’s sidewalk or welcome a new person to the neighbourhood. An engaged neighbourhood is a connected neighbourhood!

Keep Neighbouring

Neighbourhood Services encourages and supports groups and citizens to connect with their neighbours. Bringing neighbours together can build a culture of connection and belonging. When neighbours know one another, their local social, recreational and other opportunities increase. Residents generally feel safer and less isolated. Build stronger connections one friendly conversation at a time!