Registration of Tanks

As per  Bylaw 15309 , all aboveground and underground storage tanks within the City of Edmonton require to be registered with Edmonton Fire Rescues Services.

Effective June 15, 2021, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) will be implementing a Storage Tank Registration Process within the City of Edmonton that replaces the previous storage tank registration system by PTMAA (Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta). Owners/operators of storage tank systems within the City of Edmonton are required to submit an annual registration application.

An application for registration shall be submitted to the EFRS.

Aboveground storage tanks with a capacity greater than or equal to 2500 litres and all underground storage tanks are required to be registered.

The EFRS registration fee is $75 per tank.

Where a storage tank is divided into two or more compartments, each compartment is considered a separate part of the storage tank system and shall be registered separately. 

No person shall use an aboveground storage tank with a capacity greater than or equal to 2500 litres or any underground storage tank unless it is registered.

If the storage tank system is in compliance with all applicable requirements of the 2019 National Fire Code — Alberta Edition, EFRS shall register the storage tank and issue a registration certificate. 

A registration certificate:

a) Expires on the anniversary of the date of issue and is renewable for an additional year on application to the EFRS, 

b) Is valid only while the storage tank remains at the location described in the certificate,

c) Is not transferable, and

d) If the annual registration is not renewed, EFRS may cancel the registration of a storage tank and revoke the certificate.  

The owner is required to have documentation on site showing that the tank is registered and that the registration is current. The registration certificate must be displayed on the premises where the storage tank is located. 

Please ensure the owner provides this documentation if it is not readily visible.

The 2019 National Fire Code — Alberta Edition Div B states:

Except for storage tanks being withdrawn from service in accordance with Subsections 4.3.15 and 4.3.16., no person shall deliver or remove flammable liquids or combustible liquids to or from a storage tank, unless:

a) The storage tank is registered in accordance with Article of Division C, and

b) The registration certificate is displayed as required by Sentence of Division C.

It is a violation of The Safety Codes Act to contravene the above, and if deemed appropriate, charges can occur under The Safety Codes Act.

Permit Process for the Installation and Removal of Tanks

Building owners and certified contractors can apply and pay for fuel tank permits to remove, install or alter fuel tanks inside City limits through the online fuel tank permitting system. Permits are required for small and large tanks as well as above ground or underground tank installations.

Create an Account

Applicants create a business account allowing either one or multiple employees to have access. Businesses may create Administrator privileges that give individuals in their organization permission to add or delete staff, change business attributes or revise contact information at the discretion of the original applicant.

Apply for a Permit

Is a Permit Required?

The 2019 National Fire Code - Alberta Edition mandates that permits are required for all petroleum storage tank installations, removals or alterations.

A permit is not required for removal of storage tank systems where all components are above ground.

All new fuel storage tank installations require a permit, including:

  • Small tanks, 230-8,000 litre capacity, or an aggregate capacity of < 20,000 litres
  • Large tanks, > 8,000 litre capacity, or an aggregate capacity of > 20,000 litres
  • Above ground systems
  • Underground systems
Checksheets and Pre-Requirement

The prerequisites (including checksheets) of the mandatory items that are requirements as part of your fuel tank permit application.

Site Plan Requirements and Drawings

A site plan must be submitted for small above ground tank installations or alterations.

Three sets of Alberta stamped, engineered drawings must be submitted for the installation of a large tank or underground system.


Fees for a permit application consists of

  • 3 hours charged at the rate for an Inspection related to the installation or removal of flammable/combustible fuel tank per member per hour plus expenses


  • Fee for plans examining and letter of compliance related to the installation or removal of flammable/combustible fuel tank

More information: Fees and Permits


When to Book an Inspection

  • Tank removal or installation

  • Pressure test of tanks and lines
  • Product first fill
  • Final occupancy and/or building permit closure in conjunction with the City’s permit process

How to Book an Inspection

When you are ready for an inspection, please reference the permit number and leave a message with the Fire Prevention Branch (780-496-3628) or email

Extra or After-hours Inspections

A fee for an inspection related to the installation or removal of flammable/combustible fuel tank per member per hour plus expenses shall be assessed for an inspection that exceeds a reasonable time frame and for every additional re-inspection required as a result of any of the following:

  • Failed inspection

  • Inspection incorrectly called for
  • Installation not prepared for inspection
  • Previously identified deficiency not corrected after a request for inspection has been made
  • Failed testing procedures

An after hours fee for costs related to overtime will apply for inspections requested outside of regular office hours.

Please refer to the Fees and Permits page for the schedule of fees.