Edmonton Fire Rescue Services has 30 fire stations strategically located throughout the city. Fire station tours and open houses occur throughout the year providing an opportunity to connect with citizens and educate them about fire safety concerns, services and equipment.

Fire Station Locations


Fire Station No. 1
10351 96 Street


Fire Station No. 2
10217 107 Street


Fire Station No. 21
9315 101 Street NW


Fire Station No. 5
9020 111 Avenue


Fire Station No. 7
5025 118 Avenue

West Yellowhead

Fire Station No. 8
12503 128 Street


Fire Station No. 10 
12735 101 Street


Fire Station No. 14 
7312 144 Avenue

Castle Downs

Fire Station No. 17
15505 Castle Downs Road


Fire Station No. 18
13808 Victoria Trail

Lake District

Fire Station No. 25
8403 167 Avenue

Pilot Sound

Fire Station No. 30
15850 50 Street

Roper Station

Fire Station No. 9 
5604 50 Street


Fire Station No. 11
6110 98 Avenue


Fire Station No. 15
5120 97 Street

Mill Woods

Fire Station No. 16
2904 66 Street


Fire Station No. 26
2803 34 Street



Fire Station No. 3
11226 76 Avenue

Mill Creek

Fire Station No. 6
8105 96 Street

Rainbow Valley

Fire Station No. 13
4035 119 Street


Fire Station No. 20
2303 105 Street


Fire Station No. 24
131 Haddow Close


Fire Station No. 27
1203 Ellwood Road SW

Heritage Valley

Fire Station No. 28
12110-26 Avenue SW

Jasper Place

Fire Station No. 4
10949 156 Street


Fire Station No. 12
9020 156 Street


Fire Station No. 19
6210 178 Street


Fire Station No. 22
10124 123 Street


Fire Station No. 23
10130 178 Street

Lewis Farms

Fire Station No. 29
9204 213 Street

Fire Station Tours

Overview: Fire Station Tours
  • Fire station tours are available at 28 of the 30 Edmonton Fire Stations
    • You may select any fire station for your tour, except for Fire Stations No. 17 and No. 21
  • A maximum of 25 people, including supervisors, are allowed per tour
  • Station tours typically take between 30-45 minutes
  • Fire stations are in service and may be called to an emergency during your tour
    • If a tour is cancelled because the station must respond to an emergency, your tour will be rescheduled
  • If your group must cancel or reschedule, please provide notice at least 24 hours in advance
Fire Station Tour Hours

Tours are held Monday to Friday during the following time slots:

  • 10-11:30am
  • 1:30-3:30pm
  • 6:30-7:30pm
Fire Station Tour Requirements

For school-aged children, there must be 1 supervisor for every 5 children.  

For kindergarten children, there must be 1 supervisor for every 3 children. Before kindergarten children are taken on a tour, 2 programs are recommended:

  • Play Safe Be Safe kit - available at the public library
  • Learn Not to Burn - available at most school libraries
Book a Fire Station Tour

To schedule a Fire Station Tour, please contact the Fire Station Tours Coordinator at 780-496-3785.

Fire Station Open Houses

Each year, Edmontonians have an opportunity to meet firefighters and fire prevention officers in their community, check out the fire trucks and learn important fire safety information during the Fire Station Open Houses

These free, public events usually occur between May and October.