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The Edmonton Police Service provides for protection of life and property.

About the Service

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) provides for protection of life and property, preservation of public peace, prevention and detection of crime, regulation of noncriminal conduct as required by law.  EPS provides community policing, crime prevention, victim support, traffic safety / enforcement, and many other services.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

In case of an emergency

Dial 9–1–1 for all life threatening situations and crimes in progress

In all cases of an emergency involving a life threatening situation, or a crime in progress, dial 911 immediately. Your call will be answered by an operator who will direct your call to Police, Fire or Ambulance.

It is very important to state your emergency clearly, and to verify the location that you are calling from.

When there is no need for an immediate response

Dial 780-423-4567 or #377 (mobile devices within city limits) for EPS Complaint Line

  • If you require the attendance of a police officer at your location, but there is NOT a crime in progress
  • If you require advice on how to proceed with a criminal report
  • A non-violent crime has already been committed, and there are no suspects or evidence
  • You are involved in a vehicle collision but have not sustained injuries, and your vehicle is driveable
  • Your bike or personal property was stolen
  • Your vehicle was broken into and items were stolen
  • Your property or valuables were vandalized
  • You see suspicious persons or activities
  • You need to find out how to bail someone out of jail
  • You have a general question about policing

The Police Evaluator who takes your call will assess the appropriate service for your needs. This will range from a police unit being dispatched to your location to advice being given on how to respond to a Police Station to file a report.

Report a crime online

Online reporting is a convenient reporting option that can provide you with a copy of the police report and a police file number.

Please note that online reporting is not meant to replace other forms of crime reporting; if you are not comfortable reporting an incident online, you can still attend a police station, call 780-423-4567 or #377 from your mobile.

For more information regarding EPS services, please visit the Edmonton Police Service website.