People see our city as a great place to live, work, and invest in. With a new municipal development plan, Edmonton is poised to grow to a city of 2 million people — and a big part of this is increasing housing choices to welcome new people at every stage of life and income level, into our older neighbourhoods. 

Learn about the status of the City’s work plan to enable infill, and direct links to relevant resources to support knowledge building around the permitting and construction processes for redevelopment.


Thank You

Edmontonians are saying “Hello!” to more neighbours in their older and mature neighbourhoods. To coincide with the conclusion of the City of Edmonton's Infill Roadmap and to serve Edmontonians better, this webpage ( will be retired in the first half of 2022. Builders, homeowners and next-door neighbours can now easily find more information about housing redevelopment using the links below.

Building a Home:

Learn about Edmonton’s permitting and construction processes for redevelopment.

Development in Your Neighbourhood:

Find useful, relevant resources to help clarify the redevelopment process, and key contacts to provide additional channels of support.