Edmonton is facing a critical shortage of affordable housing options. Nearly 1 in 7 households struggle to find housing that is affordable, safe and well-maintained. To address this gap, the City of Edmonton works with housing providers to create a range of affordable options through grants and land sales. 

Building Housing Choices was created to help community partners redevelop surplus school sites to provide housing that is attractive, affordable and well-integrated into the community.


In 2015, City Council approved the 0.8-hectare surplus school site at 915 Ogilvie Boulevard NW for an affordable housing development. In 2020, City Council approved the relocation of the development to the southeast corner of the site. 

In Spring 2021, residents, businesses and organizations in Ogilvie Ridge were invited to share input on the criteria for selecting a developer/operator to build and manage the development. This community feedback was summarized in a ‘What We Heard’ report and included with the competitive property sale listing completed this year.

The remaining 3.63 ha of planned open space surrounding the housing development will be retained by the City and continue to serve sport, recreation and community uses as identified in the original Neighbourhood Structure Plan. 

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