To help meet current and future housing needs, the 1.46 ha vacant school site at 2010 105 Street in Keheewin (north of Keheewin elementary school) will be home to a future housing development under the Building Housing Choices initiative (Policy C583)

The City has selected Capital Region Housing (CRH), an experienced non-profit housing provider, to develop the Keheewin housing project. CRH will undertake public engagement with local residents, as well as develop, manage and maintain the new homes proposed for the Keheewin surplus school site.

Public Engagement

The City and Civida (formerly Capital Region Housing) have undertaken extensive public engagement in Keheewin since 2015. Find a summary of the process on  Civida's website or explore these reports:  


Civida submitted a proposal to rezone the 1.46 ha vacant school site to allow for the construction of the housing development. City Council approved the rezoning proposal at a public hearing on January 21, 2020. 

The rezoning at 2008 105 Street NW from Urban Services Zone (US) to a Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) allows for the construction of a multi-unit, mixed-income housing development.