A “Right-Sized” Home

When it comes to homes, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Choosing a home that meets but doesn’t exceed your family’s needs can save you money on your monthly heating and electricity bills—and helps Edmonton meet its goals of using less fossil fuel and reducing greenhouse gases.

As a rule, a smaller home uses less energy than a larger one of a similar age. Plus, in addition to being more cost-effective and energy-efficient, a smaller home is also easier to clean and cheaper to remodel.

Home Size Quick Math: 500 Square Feet per Person

Depending on your family’s needs, aim for 500 square feet of living space per person. To maximize space, look for homes with an open plan or that can be easily renovated to create an open plan in the main living areas.

Did You Know?
Some things are better together. Attached homes like duplexes, townhouses and apartments use less energy on a square-footage basis than single-detached homes.

home size graphic