Water Conservation = Cost Conservation

Simple, low-cost water conserving fixtures can reduce your water consumption and water bills significantly. By switching to energy-efficient and water-wise low-flow fixtures and appliances, the average Edmonton homeowner could save hundreds of dollars per year.

Be Water Wise

What to Look for in Household Products

Low-flush toilets use about 4.8 litres per flush, compared to older models that use between 13 to 20 litres per flush. Dual-flush toilets are even more efficient, at 3 to 6 litres per flush.

Low-flow showerheads and faucets, showering is one of the most significant water uses in our homes. Low-flow showerheads (under 7.6 litres per minute) and low-flow bathroom faucets (under 5.7 litres per minute) are readily available for a cost comparable to traditional high-flow fixtures. Using an aerator means you can upgrade existing fixtures and achieve savings by only spending a few dollars.

Kitchen fixtures and appliances, using low-flow faucets and accessories and an ENERGY STAR dishwasher, avoiding the heat-dry setting and avoiding using the in-sink garburator can also reduce your water and energy consumption.

Washing machines, using ENERGY STAR high-efficiency (HE) clothes washers, washing in cold water, conducting routine maintenance on machines and using clothes lines and drying racks instead of electric dryers can all help to reduce your energy bills.

Did You Know?
Leaks account for about 14% of water use in the average household. That's a lot of water (and money) literally going down the drain! Learn more about finding and fixing leaks.

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