Clean Energy With A Low Carbon Footprint

Solar energy works in any climate and the fuel – sunshine – is free! Installing renewable energy systems helps reduce Edmonton’s reliance on fossil fuels, which contributes to Edmonton’s climate change mitigation goals. Even the generation of small amounts of power at the household or building level makes Edmonton’s energy system more resilient and helps create green jobs in the city.

Go Solar

  • Consider what type of system you want: water heating or photovoltaic (electricity-producing)
  • Work with a qualified system designer to select the appropriate technology and system size for your home CanSIA (the Canadian Solar Industries Association) provides guidance on selecting qualified solar energy service providers
  • Make sure your house is as energy-efficient as possible before adding solar
  • If buying a newer home, look for a solar-ready house, which has had simple provisions made for adding solar panels such as roof space, utility room space and a pipe chase to connect the roof and utility room
  • Also consider passive solar design features to reduce heating energy demand by 25% or more in a well-designed, high-performance passive solar home

Did You Know?
Using solar panels means you’ll be less affected by fluctuations and long-term increases in the price of conventional energy. Solar panels can supply anywhere from a few percent up to 100% of your electricity and hot water needs.

solar energy and heating graphic

* The DC Disconnect Switch allows for the system to be shut down for maintenance or in the event of a house fire.

** The Net Meter measures power coming from the grid and power that the house is exporting to the grid.

*** The PV Generation Meter keeps track of how much power the PC system is generating.