Dunluce has two surplus school sites between Dunluce Road and 162 Avenue. One site (shown in blue) was approved by City Council for First Place housing in 2006. The other site (shown in yellow) will be developed as medium density housing, ranging from townhouses to low-rise apartment buildings under the City's Building Housing Choices (BHC) program. 

What's Being Built?

Many Edmontonians dream of owning their own home but don’t have the financial resources to make it happen. Young professionals, single parents and residents in middle income brackets can find it particularly tough to break into Edmonton’s housing market, which is one of the most expensive in Canada.

The City’s First Place Program teams with banks and builders to develop vacant surplus school building sites into attractive townhomes.  The homes are market priced, with a five-year deferral on the land portion of the mortgage, making them more accessible to first time buyers.

A public design engagement process involving selected community volunteers helps to shape development in each neighbourhood. This forms the basis for the development permit approval process that follows.

Design Engagement

While the decision to build townhomes has already been approved by Council, there will be opportunity for residents to provide input into the design of the new homes. At the end of 2017, the City will be recruiting 6-8 residents to work with the builder, Landmark Homes, to help ensure the homes are a good fit with the surrounding community. This will providing input on design elements, such as building orientation, number of homes, massing and rooflines, site access, vistas, and exterior home design details and landscaping.

What We've Heard

Dunluce Community League Meeting
On April 11, 2016, City staff met with members of Dunluce Community league to provide an update on the direction and implementation timeline for the two vacant surplus school building sites in Dunluce. 

Items shared and discussed with league representatives at the meeting include:

First Place program

Remaining Site - Building Housing Choices

Email Updates

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