Edmonton advocates for welcoming and inclusive communities, both locally and across the country.

As part of its commitment to creating welcoming and inclusive communities, Edmonton has spoken against actions in other jurisdictions.

In 2019, the provincial government of Quebec passed Bill 21: An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State, a law which bans public servants from wearing religious clothing and symbols in the workplace.

In October 2019, Edmonton City Council passed a motion (see item 6.7) expressing support in principle for the legal challenge to the bill as violating the freedom of religion outlined in the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

In June 2020, Edmonton City Council passed a motion (see item 8.1) calling on the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association to provide “a statement of support condemning and opposing any law that would seek to restrict or limit the religious and cultural freedoms of our citizens and continue to support building and welcoming communities across our province.” The resolution was passed at the Alberta Municipalities annual convention, and in December 2020 the Association sent a letter and the resolution to the Premier of Quebec.

A legal challenge was launched by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and the World Sikh Organization. In 2021, a Quebec Superior Court ruling struck down some elements of the law but allowed much of it to remain because the provincial government invoked the notwithstanding clause. An appeal has been filed. Many municipalities have condemned the legislation, and some (including Brampton) have joined the legal challenge.

You can join the legal challenge too.

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