The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is home to more than one million people, a diversified economy and 21 municipalities. The City of Edmonton is continuously working with its regional partners to help the Region thrive and prosper while also addressing the challenges of rapid growth.

Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board

One of the ways Edmonton works with its neighbours is through the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB).

The EMRB was originally known as the Capital Region Board (CRB) and was made up of all 21 municipalities in the region. The EMRB was established in 2017 and is made up of the 13 largest municipalities in the region. Its mandate from the Province is to plan and manage responsible growth in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. The EMRB Growth Plan identifies where future growth will occur within the region and plans for efficient infrastructure to support this growth.

The EMRB member municipalities work together to make the best decisions possible for the citizens of their communities and the region as a whole, on topics such as land use, transit and affordable housing.

The City of Edmonton’s participation in the EMRB includes:

  • member of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board
  • membership on all standing committees and task forces of the Board
  • participant in administrative level CRB discussions

Other Relationships

In addition to participating in the work of the EMRB, the City also works with municipalities and groups of municipalities to advance various items including:

  • industrial development
  • land use planning
  • roadway planning
  • emergency services
  • regional economic development
  • intermunicipal transit

Cooperating with our municipal partners in the region helps us be more coordinated and provide services in a more seamless and efficient manner. Ongoing projects and dialogue with our neighbours are critical for the City of Edmonton to maintain strong relationships with all of its regional partners.