Help Build Something Special

You might find yourself painting a mural at a zoo, crafting a new façade for an old-fashioned building, or keeping our fleet of vehicles running smoothly.

Regardless of your role at the City of Edmonton, your work will always be interesting, and each day will be different. Accomplish something you can point to with pride every time you stroll through our beautiful city.

Career Advancement Potential

Why Edmonton is the perfect setting to craft your future

Imagine the best possible place to hone your skills and create the kind of career you've always wanted. Would it be large, flexible and almost limitless in the scope of its possibilities? If so, then the City of Edmonton is the perfect setting for you to apply your skills. Build your future with us and experience the following career advantages:

  • Our Large, stable and growing city: work is plentiful and varied, and the results are appreciated by more than one million residents
  • Different career paths: lots of promising career options in various departments throughout the city
  • Valuable training, education and resources: ensure that your talents and interests are developed to enhance your knowledge and skills in your area of expertise
  • Work/Life balance: you will have time for friends and family while working in a challenging work environment
  • Exceptional rewards: expect competitive compensation and benefits for your outstanding work
  • Teamwork: working together brings everyone greater satisfaction at work. We like to treat one another as an extended family and build friendships that last.
What It Takes To Succeed

The tools you'll need to succeed with the City of Edmonton

Working in the trades at the City of Edmonton is an exceptional opportunity. To make the most of it, there are certain personal and professional qualities that you'll need, including:

  • Team orientation: people in your team are like your extended family; everyone works together and helps each other
  • Attention to detail: your work must be consistent to ensure optimal safety, functionality, quality and durability
  • Safety-first attitude: ensure that you, your team, and the public you serve are protected from all possible harm
  • Problem-solving skills: digging deeper to determine what the best possible solution is to any situation, will be one of your most valuable tools
  • Professional attitude: giving 100% every day in the work you do, the people you work with and the public you interact with
  • Ambition: meeting and exceeding expectations to ensure that every project is completed on time and on budget.

Discover why our tradespeople enjoy their work

Edmonton benefits from an excellent team of tradespeople working in a variety of interesting roles throughout the City. Let's see what some of our employees enjoy most about their work.

You should choose a career with the City because the benefits are awesome, the pay is great, and most important, the people are incredible. The people make the job so enjoyable. I wake up in the morning happy to go to work and find out what exciting job that day holds for me.

— Amie Scott, Painter I

Some of the qualities that define the City as an employer would be stability, safety, training, camaraderie, understanding, respect, and teamwork. The people who thrive here are those who work well with others, have a good attitude, and are willing to help others.

— David Seath, Heavy Duty Mechanic

You get to team with some great people to help build a better city to live in. I have worked with some very good people and made lifelong friends in the process. When I see others enjoying the facilities we've worked so hard to keep running efficiently, that is my reward. I would urge others to take a chance, and you may become a part of Edmonton and its future.

— Bruce Fraser, Electrical Contract Inspector

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