Planning to Be the Best

The City of Edmonton's team of planners is helping to take a great City and make it even better! You can directly affect the quality of life for Edmontonians while impacting challenging projects and enjoying great work life/balance. With opportunities for everyone from entry-level planners to seasoned professionals, we can provide you with the career of a lifetime.

Career Advancement Potential

Planning areas of specialty

The City of Edmonton offers an incredible variety of planning opportunities, including but certainly not limited to the following:

  • Budget planning
  • Community planning
  • Natural-area planning
  • Policy planning.

Thinking ahead

You could find yourself providing indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities for our citizens, guided by our innovative Urban Parks Management Plan that is designed to guide park development within our City for the next 10 years. Alternatively, you might end up on a completely different team working on the Capital City Downtown Plan. Your skills and ambition determine where your career will lead. The opportunities are endless!

One thing is certain: your work will always be interesting, meaningful, recognized, and rewarded.

What It Takes To Succeed

What makes our planners successful

Our team is made up of diverse personalities, backgrounds, and skills. If you aspire to become a planner for the City of Edmonton, there are certain qualities that will improve your chances for success:

  • Forward Thinking: a progressive outlook for planning and building a great City while keeping the big picture in mind
  • Dedicated: to making our City the best possible place to live
  • Exceptional Technical Skills: mechanical, electrical and computer systems come naturally to you
  • Flexible: adaptable and open to new ways of problem-solving
  • Committed: to making a difference and a positive impact
  • Confident: you have an opinion and are not afraid to express it while being open to others' ideas and new ways of accomplishing tasks.

Get to know us better

We think it's best to let our planners give you their unique perspectives on working at the City of Edmonton.

The work is challenging and stimulating, the workplace environment is healthy, the pay is fair, the office location (an important thing for a City Planner) is excellent, and Edmonton is a great place to raise children. Plus, I have good opportunities for advancement. Why would I go anywhere else?

— Erik Backstrom, Senior Planner

The City attempts to ensure that staff are challenged with a reasonable workload and maintain effective communication. Supervisors are supportive of your goals and ambitions, and your efforts are often recognized. The City encourages continuous learning, which is a major plus.

— Kim Agar, Principal Planner

I have most enjoyed being faced with challenges, getting the job done, and finding solutions that people like. Planning is all about problem-solving and I get great satisfaction from doing work that helps others to solve their problems and do their jobs well. The ability to help support other branches of the City is also important to me, as is being a part of a larger organization that has a lot to be proud of.

— Peter Millar, Director of Parks and Resource Management

Job Profiles