The Natural Choice for Your Career

If you enjoy working with nature—indoors or out—and have a strong interest in environmental management, preservation and sustainability, apply your talents to a municipality where you can make a major, positive impact. Whether you enjoy working with plants or animals, you are bound to find a position suited to your unique skills and interests within natural sciences.

Career Advancement Potential

Explore our potential to sustain your success

Edmonton is a vast city offering almost infinite opportunities to expand your skills, develop new talents, and explore a wide variety of career paths.

  • A big city with immense potential: the career possibilities are almost endless, as is your ability to have real impact
  • Advanced facilities and equipment: whether you're working in a zoo, a park, a laboratory or another professional setting
  • Comprehensive training: at every phase of our operations so that every team member understands how to master each aspect of his or her work
  • Commitment to career development: you can learn, grow and succeed in many different areas with our management team encouraging you every step of the way
  • Supportive, enthusiastic team members: hardworking people go out of their way to make each day a positive experience.
What It Takes To Succeed

What qualities do you need to thrive?

An abiding interest in all living things is a good start for a career in our natural sciences area, but there are other qualities you'll need as well, including:

  • Collaboration: the natural sciences group works as one to ensure that all team and corporate goals are achieved
  • Outgoing personality: strong interpersonal skills to interact with guests, vendors, team members, as well as animals
  • Empathy: taking care of plants, animals and all living things requires the ability to understand what they need and truly care about their well-being and sustainability
  • Passion/Ambition: a real enthusiasm for nature and for the betterment of the City of Edmonton will be essential to your success
  • Analytical thinking: encountering problems as they arise is all in a day's work, and your ability to solve them as efficiently as possible will be invaluable.

Why our natural sciences experts love their work

There are so many excellent reasons to become a part of our natural sciences group. Let's hear from the team, and see what they have to say.

I think someone should join the City of Edmonton if they want a stable job with a lot of room for advancement and growth, and if they like to be challenged to be their best. I don't think of it as working for a company or a corporation. I think of it as working for the people of Edmonton.

— Trevor Hickey, Zoo Attendant

For me, the three qualities that come to mind regarding the City as an employer are these: good benefits, great vacation, and many diverse career options. Regarding the zoo, I would say that the word 'innovative' best describes it.

— DeLeigh Yobb, Zoo Assistant I

I suppose the most rewarding part of my career with the City would be the idea that for most of my working life, I have created beauty. For these past 32 years, I've enjoyed where I was working and what I was doing.

— Robert Dixon, Muttart Conservatory

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