Help us Maintain Edmonton as a Monument of Success

Here is your chance to have a major impact upon how our City looks and how well it works. As a City of Edmonton labourer or equipment operator, you'll have the opportunity to enhance the functionality and beauty of our streets, utilities and facilities throughout a wide variety of projects and initiatives.

Career Advancement Potential

Leave your mark on a city of more than 1,000,000

What makes the City of Edmonton more attractive than other employers? One of the most important factors to consider is the sheer size of this prominent metropolitan area. The City of Edmonton offers a rich and diverse set of career paths for you to follow. Furthermore, your work will be seen and appreciated by more than 1,000,000 citizens each day.

  • A large metropolitan area: imagine all of the things you can do for such a large City and all of the places it can take your career
  • The latest in equipment: you will have access to the most advanced technology and machinery to help you do your best work as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Excellent training: you will have access to outstanding training and support to help you grow in your career
  • Exceptional teamwork: when you're giving it your all, it's good to know that the rest of your team will do what it takes to help you succeed
  • Advancement opportunities: there are lots of different projects in various stages of completion, which means many different career paths for you to pursue.
What It Takes To Succeed

What it takes to work as labourer or equipment operator

The work you'll do as a labourer or equipment operator requires a special kind of individual. Here are some of the most important tools you'll need:

  • Strong ambition: your desire to make the City of Edmonton a better place to live will guide your every action
  • Mechanical ability: a natural aptitude for understanding how machines and equipment work will make your job much easier and productive
  • Safety-first attitude: the first priority on every worksite is to ensure that all safety precautions are considered and taken
  • Team-oriented: the ability to interact well with others to achieve common goals will help you complete your tasks to the best of your ability
  • Detail-oriented: following through on every aspect of every project means your work will last longer and be more useful to the citizens we serve
  • Physical ability: physical strength will help as you work with heavy equipment, lift large objects and endure challenging outdoor conditions.

Why our labourers and equipment operators enjoy their work

Want to know why our labourers and equipment operators continue to enjoy the work they do each day?

The City of Edmonton is an organization with a very diverse workforce that enhances a member's experience and offers a wide range of job opportunities. One can experience as much growth within the organization as one aspires to. The primary factors influencing my decision to accept a position with the City were job security, advancement opportunities, and hours that are beneficial to my home life. The City has shown confidence in me by training me on a variety of equipment and assisted me in upgrading my license to a Class 3.

Three qualities that I think best define the City (and my department) as an employer are: Empathetic (when an employee requires assistance or time off for personal reasons the City is willing to accommodate); opportunity for growth and advancement (there are postings for a wide variety of positions almost weekly); and safety-driven (working safely is of utmost importance). The best way I can describe the culture is like being part of a large sports team. Within a team, everyone has a role that he or she must fulfill to ensure the objectives of the team, or in this case, the organization, are met successfully. My experience as a part of this team has been an enjoyable one and I look forward to going to work each day.

I find most rewarding the fact that I'm contributing to the working of the 'city machine,' if you will, yet I am still able to maintain a stable family life at home. Using the winter shift as an example, driving a sand/plow truck has been truly the most enjoyable line of work I have performed.

- Jason Becher, labourer/truck driver

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