Investigate the Incredible Opportunities

Make an impact on your community and use your superior customer service and tactical problem-solving skills to become a public ambassador for the City of Edmonton.

Take pride in knowing that your career within our inspectors and regulatory officers group is contributing to enhancing the safety and efficiency of our municipality.

Improve the quality of life for the citizens of Edmonton by ensuring that municipal bylaws and provincial legislation are being followed. As a result of your positive enforcement the City of Edmonton will remain a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Career Advancement Potential

Contribute to a safer Edmonton

A city of this size requires constant vigilance and the dedication of a team that really cares about the well-being of every citizen. Regardless of your role, you'll be counted on, respected and relied on. You'll have access to:

  • A solid toolbox: we offer access to the most innovative technology and advanced tools that will equip you for success
  • Comprehensive training: work with knowledge experts in the field who will share, support and encourage your career development
  • Advancement opportunities: continuous opportunities to be challenged and flexibility to move within the City of Edmonton.
What It Takes To Succeed

It's not just about enforcing the rules

People are depending on inspectors and regulatory officers to serve the public in a positive way ensuring the City of Edmonton is kept safe, clean and enjoyable to live in. That is why we seek the most tactical problem solvers that have the ability to approach situations with a high degree of diplomacy and tact. It's more than enforcing rules, it's about:

  • Safety: safety conscious with a solid commitment to making sure safety is the first priority
  • Team attitude: collaboratively working together with public, colleagues and leadership team to achieve goals more quickly and efficiently
  • Passion: dedication and desire in wanting to make the City of Edmonton a safe and enjoyable place to work
  • Problem-solving skills: being able to assess a situation quickly and arriving at the best and safest solution to save lives, as well as time and money
  • Customer service ability: as an ambassador of the City, you'll need the communication/interpersonal skills to build excellent rapport with the public you serve each day
  • A strong presence: others will look to you for your knowledge and leadership.

Learn why our team members are excited about their work

We're quite proud of the work they do, so let's hear from some of our inspectors and regulatory officers as to why they enjoy their role.

I decided to come to the City of Edmonton as they are an equal opportunity employer that offers competitive wages, excellent benefits and pension, and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

— Cory Unreiner, Municipal Enforcement Officer

Some qualities that define the City as an employer would be reliable and progressive. Working for the City has been a rewarding opportunity. The environment is stable and allows for growth.

— Doug Yaceyko, Team Lead/Sergeant

Being a Park Ranger is exciting and rewarding for me because I never know what to expect from day to day! My job duties are very diverse and always interesting. I have the opportunity to interact every day with people from many different cultural backgrounds and walks of life. I might be hiking on an isolated trail deep in the river valley one day, and find myself at an event attended by thousands of people the next. I really appreciate the freedom that my job entails. The Edmonton River Valley is exceptional, and it's great to be a part of keeping it that way.

— Ashley Whitlock, Parks Ranger

Job Profiles