Keep the City Running at Peak Efficiency

Our IT professionals ensure the integrity of the City of Edmonton's IT infrastructure and provide support to an organization of over 10,000 people.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of highly experienced professionals, you will have opportunities to learn, grow and succeed in various areas of the IT field: troubleshooting, research, application development, security initiatives and more.

Career Advancement Potential

Intriguing career paths lead to success

The City of Edmonton is where you can create the kind of career you've always wanted. We offer the resources, commitment to excellence and wide variety of professional paths you need to maximize your potential and use all of your skills in a full array of settings.

  • A major urban centre offers the size, stability and potential to sustain a long and meaningful career and see the results of your work over time
  • Cutting-edge technology keeps our teams constantly learning and growing their skills as they continue to enhance our services
  • Innovative leadership, our new matrix management structure is designed to maximize your strengths as a professional and make the best use of your interests and talents
  • Comprehensive training from people who share your love of technology and have the experience to help make the most of your skills
  • An innovative team of experts will collaborate with you on all kinds of interesting projects and help you to succeed
  • A broad selection of career choices allows for flexibility and personal development as your interests change.
What It Takes To Succeed

What it takes to excel in IT

What makes a great IT professional for the City of Edmonton? Although our team is highly diverse in both background and talent, they share certain qualities, including these:

  • Technical ability: strong knowledge of an ever-changing set of hardware and software platforms and applications is the core of your expertise
  • Innovation: your desire to continually arrive at new solutions is the key to our success
  • Analytical skills: problem-solving is a common characteristic to all of our IT positions and requires the ability to arrive at the best solutions
  • Team attitude: creating strong working relationships with others and helping them to achieve their goals will be vital to your success
  • Curiosity: the desire to stay current with cutting-edge technology will keep you motivated to succeed
  • Passion: if you love working with technology and using it to create innovations that help an organization work more efficiently, you will want to be a part of our IT team
  • Positive attitude: looking on the bright side allows you to find solutions quickly and implement them effectively.

Here is why our IT professionals enjoy working for the City

We know that the IT team at the City of Edmonton has every opportunity to make a difference. Let's hear from them, in their own words, why they enjoy working with the City.

Working with the City, you will be taken care of. I have personally enjoyed the care that the City as an employer has shown me. The pay is good, the work is interesting, and there are many opportunities for growth and challenge.

— Jordan Hodges, Community of Interest Program Manager

The City has the ability to provide work/life balance, lots of room for career development, and challenging work that touches the citizens of Edmonton. Our department offers a chance to experience a connection with your passion within a supportive, and innovative environment. The culture in the IT branch is currently evolving, with a large focus on matching employees with their passions and interests.

— Dana Rees, Program Manager

I think my most rewarding moments are yet to come with the City, as I'm excited about what the future may hold. However, leading up to now, I have had the opportunity to be on a couple of award-winning projects. One was for TTY, and we got the Mayor's Award for implementing a system that would allow TTY devices to connect and talk to all City departments. And just recently, a group that I was a part of put together a 'Working Alone' plan, and received an Occupational Health and Safety Award.

— Helene Schulte, Systems Analyst I

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