The Edmonton Exchange Participant must complete a report with an overview of the host department upon completion of the exchange. 

In the report, include an overview of your experience and whether you would do an exchange again. Please identify what you feel are the most important items to know when completing an exchange and how can we make the exchange program better.

Include New Ideas

When writing your report, include new ideas such as:

  • Possible modifications to equipment
  • Training improvements
  • Any other information that will improve the workplace and safety of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services

In order to continuously improve the exchange program, please identify the benefits you received.

Include Answers

In your report, please address the following questions:

  • Did someone at the host department meet you at the airport, and take you to your lodgings? Did the department formally welcome you?
  • Were you provided with training? If so, which format was used? How long was the training?
  • Were there any housing, transportation, schooling issues? If so, please describe.
  • Identify proactive processes of the exchange which helped to smooth out any items of concern.
  • What items/processes would be beneficial to the exchange program?
  • Describe any special circumstances provided by the exchange location which helped your exchange.
  • Describe any special circumstances of the exchange location which hindered your exchange.
  • Describe the items of the exchange which could have been easier/simpler if you had known from the beginning.

Note: The exchange participant visiting Edmonton will have access to this information.