Build a Satisfying Career

Engineers at the City of Edmonton enjoy a wide variety of career options and exceptional advancement opportunities.

Within our vast, attractive municipality there are tremendous opportunities to apply your skills to an almost endless number of innovative projects designed to enhance the quality of life for our residents. At the same time, you will be improving the quality of your own life, with the satisfaction of knowing that you are building more than a career—you are building one of Canada's most impressive cities.

Career Advancement Potential

Why Edmonton towers over other cities

You might be wondering what makes us different and better than other organizations. Consider the following advantages:

  • Our considerable size and unquestionable stability enable you to achieve engineering success on a large scale
  • We are growing in all sorts of new and exciting ways. You will have unmatched opportunities for professional advancement and growth
  • We encourage your success by providing you with opportunities for extensive training and continuing education. You can take your career in the direction that interests you most
  • We reward your talent, ambition and results with competitive compensation and benefits.
What It Takes To Succeed

What it takes to succeed

The City of Edmonton is looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals; people who are not just seeking a job, but a place where they can enjoy the work they are doing. If you are passionate about serving the Edmonton community and would like to join our team, consider what it takes to succeed!

  • Efficient: with the use of our municipality's assets
  • Adaptable: in an ever-changing work environment
  • Collaborative: with diverse personalities on a wide range of teams
  • Analytical: real-world problem-solving on the job
  • Flexible: in managing a variety of responsibilities among different groups and settings
  • Enthusiastic: about leading change and shaping our ever-growing municipality.

Hear it straight from our engineers

What is it like to work for the City of Edmonton on a daily basis? We could tell you, but we think our engineers can do a better job.

The City of Edmonton encourages learning and this has been a keen motivating factor while working here. There is an opportunity to grow, to learn and develop oneself while working with a diverse group of very talented and experienced individuals within the City. I personally feel that working with the City of Edmonton the last three years has provided me with a lot of exposure and growth...much more than what I would have achieved elsewhere.

— Dinu Philip Alex, Drainage Engineer

The City is a respectable organization, providing job security and good benefits. Within Capital Construction, you'll find exciting projects, room for advancement, and a reputation that is well-respected. The culture is like a family. Co-workers inside the organization help each other in order to get the job done and produce results. It is different from other, private organizations, as there is no 'cut-throat' mentality for personal gain.

— Jen Nicholls, Project Engineer

It is the combination of competitive salary and the accomplishment of building a great City. I can earn a good professional experience from working here and also there are a lot of training opportunities for you to improve every aspect of your career.

— Jingbin Li, Assessment Engineer

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