Training provides delivery of:  

  • Recruit firefighter training
  • Training of firefighters on core competency programs
  • Medical response training
  • Promotional training programs
  • Specialized training in hazardous materials
  • Technical rescue, water and ice rescue programs
  • Apparatus driving and operation programs
  • Other programs as necessary for the safe and effective response to emergency events within the City of Edmonton

Logistics coordinates the management of Fire Rescue capital assets, facilities, apparatus fleet and inventory, personal protective and safety equipment, as well as supply needs.

This program area also provides oversight of occupational health and safety programming, including employee physical and mental health wellness.

Firefighter Recruitment

The recruitment process for Edmonton Fire Rescue Services is competitive, multi-stepped and extensive. Applications will be accepted from January 1 to 31.

Firefighter Training

Once you become a member of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, training occurs at every stage of your career.

About our Training.

Firefighter Exchange Program

The Edmonton Firefighter Exchange program is an opportunity for personnel to attain a higher level of professionalism by temporarily exchanging jobs with other firefighters in Canada or another country.

Learn About The Exchange Program.

Camp Inspire

Camp Inspire is a firefighting camp designed to promote firefighting as a viable and rewarding career for women and gender-diverse communities.

Camp Inspire.

Fire Cadet Program

The Edmonton Fire Cadet program is an opportunity for high school students to learn about Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, while developing life skills needed to become career firefighters in Edmonton.

 Learn about the Cadet Program.