Promoting the City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton communications professionals are responsible for sharing updated and pertinent information impacting our employees and Edmontonians everyday.

Supporting major internal and external events, ensuring appropriate and consistent messaging is communicated and maintaining a positive image are just a few of the ways in which your work can make a difference to the corporation and the citizens of Edmonton.

Career Advancement Potential

Edmonton Offers Endless Opportunities to Express Your Talent

Where Edmonton truly prevails as an employer is in its reach and vast career-development potential.

  • A diverse and large demographic: presents an opportunity to provide communications services to a large organization and city
  • State-of-the-art technology: you will have access to innovative resources to demonstrate your ability and showcase your work
  • Comprehensive training: our team is committed to helping you learn and grow, and ensure you have whatever resources are required to meet your goals
  • A positive workplace: our team is enthusiastic and prepared to assist you at every turn
  • Commitment to career development: we want you to grow and succeed in realizing your professional goals, which is how we realize ours.
What It Takes To Succeed

The Personal Qualities We Seek in Our Communications Professionals

Certain personal qualities will be valuable to you as you pursue a career with the City of Edmonton. These include:

  • Interpersonal skills: written, verbal and through various social mediums, your ability to interact with internal and external clients at all levels is essential to your success
  • Continuous improvement: your commitment to develop your strengths will ensure you excel and progress as a communications professional
  • Media knowledge: to keep our departments current with the very latest technologies and techniques requires that each team member be committed to learning and growing as new media emerge and change
  • Creativity: finding the most innovative and imaginative solutions and applying these to your work will ensure your work is engaging and enjoyable
  • Teamwork: every success is a shared one as every project is the result of extensive collaboration
  • Analytical ability: your ability to problem solve and think strategically will be invaluable
  • Motivation and enthusiasm: your passion and ability to produce work of a high quality while working independently will be important to your success.

What makes our team so excited about working with the City?

To learn more about why they love their work, read what they have to say.

It's a dynamic place to work, with great people, and work/life balance. And there are lots of exciting projects happening in the City, so it's an exciting time to work here. There are good opportunities to gain experience for career growth, and you are able to work with clients who are experts in different fields. We get to provide communications support on projects that change the City's landscape, preserve our environment, and simply make it a better place to live.

— Kathy de Jong, Senior Communications Advisor

Three qualities that best define the City are conscientious, informative, and fair. Three qualities that best describe the Deputy City Manager's Office (DCMO) are innovative, essential, and team-oriented. The Communications culture and philosophy are best described as collaborative—everybody is working together toward a common goal of building a vibrant, responsive, and progressive relationship with Edmontonians.

— Graeme McElheran, Communications Officer

What I find rewarding is knowing that our actions have helped support the reputation of the City. The City is experiencing a time of great change with a new corporation strategic plan and vision to guide the actions of all civic employees. It is an interesting time to join the City as it works through this new approach to serving the citizens of Edmonton.

— Mark Torjusen, Senior Communications Advisor

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