Maximize Your Talents

The City of Edmonton offers careers that assessors won't find anywhere else. From large-scale industrial developments to your family's backyard, our assessors affect the growth of every square inch of Edmonton. Large, vibrant and alive with potential, our municipality offers the opportunity for you to do great things. Join us and utilize your talents and ambitions to achieve great results.

Career Advancement Potential

Assess the many reasons to join us

Why should you choose to join the City of Edmonton assessment Team? We offer work/life balance, career growth, supportive teams, comprehensive benefit packages, competitive salaries and training/development opportunities. You will be able to see the results of your work in a culture that thrives on innovation and positive change, and shows enthusiastic appreciation for your hard work and accomplishments.

What It Takes To Succeed

We value people who know how to succeed

We are proud of our exceptional team of assessors. Each member brings a unique perspective to the work they do and they share common qualities that make them successful.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: passion to express ideas and explore new opportunities
  • Detail oriented: in all aspects of their work
  • Great presentation skills: are essential when working within the organization and externally
  • Continuous learning: striving to be knowledgeable of current trends and best practices
  • Collaboration: working together to achieve a common goal.

If you have a passion for public service, are outgoing, friendly and possess the qualities above, Edmonton is the city for you.


What our assessors have to say

What can you expect from a career as an assessor for the City of Edmonton? We think this is best answered by the professionals working as assessors.

The City of Edmonton was my first choice for employment and I have worked here for seven years. There are so many opportunities available for people when they work at the City of Edmonton because it is such a large municipality. An assessor has the chance to specialize in so many different areas that smaller municipalities cannot offer.

— Deanne Bannerman, Manager

The kind of people who excel here are very personable, outgoing and knowledgeable. The City of Edmonton is a great place to work because you are able to grow as a professional. Here, you can really expand your skills in many professional areas of assessment, whether it be public speaking, construction knowledge, or interaction with others. And it offers competitive wages and benefits, along with a pension.

— Aaron Steblyk, Assessor I

The most rewarding part of working with the City of Edmonton has been the progression through the different phases of my career. Getting the job done is rewarding, and with clearly defined goals, I was able to quickly advance and take on more responsibilities.

— Chris Hodgson, Property Agent II

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