Photo of Iceway

Edmonton’s River Valley provides citizens and visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors year-round. During the winter months, many activities can be enjoyed, including outdoor skating. There are endless options for family-friendly skating experiences in the River Valley, from IceWays looping through forests to shinny ponds and tableland ice surfaces.

River Valley Parks and Facilities has completed its 20-year strategic plan for outdoor ice surfaces in the River Valley.

Strategy Timeline

February 2018: River Valley Ice Strategy commenced

November/December 2018: Phase 1 of Public Engagement

February/March 2019: Phase 2 of Public Engagement

June 2019: River Valley Ice Strategy Complete

Public Engagement

Phase 1 – November/December 2018

Purpose: Develop a 20-year vision and areas of focus and identify priority objectives for River Valley ice surfaces within each strategic area of focus.
  • Stakeholders and the public will provide input to refine the draft vision and areas of focus for Edmonton’s River Valley ice surfaces.
  • Considering the draft vision and strategic areas of focus, stakeholders and the public will provide input to advise the City about priority objectives for River Valley ice surfaces.

Activities: Online public survey and stakeholder sessions

What We Heard Report

Phase 2 – February/March 2019

Purpose: Finalize 5, 10, and 20-year priority objectives to align with each area of focus and develop an implementation plan, including the identification of key partnerships to help advance the strategy.

  • Stakeholders and the public to provide input on how the City can refine the draft 5, 10, 20-year priority objectives.
  • Stakeholders will provide input to advise the City on opportunities for partnership and other forms of collaboration regarding implementing the draft 5, 10, and 20-year priority objectives.

Activities: Public engagement sessions and stakeholder sessions.

What We Heard Report

Strategy Overview

Over the years, various new ice surfaces have been built during the winter months in the River Valley. The River Valley Ice Strategy provides a comprehensive review of the current ice surfaces and contains recommendations and an implementation plan for future ice surfaces in the River Valley.

Engaging citizens as part of the City’s decision-making process was critical to the success of the strategy as it:

  • Ensured the vision for River Valley ice surfaces was shaped by all
  • Provided a clear understanding of how citizens enjoy and are interested in experiencing River Valley ice surfaces
  • Created alignment between the strategy and supporting implementation plan with the interests and expectations of citizens
  • Explored how stakeholders can be part of implementing any proposed changes to River Valley ice surfaces.