The 10-year Capital Investment Outlook (2019-28) was developed through a collaboration with all City departments, which identified capital needs and priorities for growth projects and determined the investment targets for renewal.

By providing a long-term view of Edmonton’s infrastructure needs, the Capital Investment Agenda enables Council to make decisions in the shorter term by understanding the impacts of those decisions on the City’s future capital investment requirements.

The Capital Investment Outlook is integral to the realization of The Way Ahead, the City’s strategic plan. In April 2019, City Council approved ConnectEdmonton which replaced The Way Ahead 2009 – 2018.

Edmonton has come to mean a community where it makes sense to plan our future together. ConnectEdmonton sets the direction for Edmonton’s future. It is about transformational change and recognizes the city’s heart is its people. 

The City Plan charts out how we will get to a future city, a city that has the benefits we enjoy today with new opportunities for the future. The City Plan is about our spaces and places and how we move around the city. It is about our community and what we need to do together to grow, adapt and succeed.

The 10-year Capital Investment Outlook, together with the 4-year Capital Budget (2019-2022) assists Council in making strategic decisions on how to best allocate City resources to build and maintain the infrastructure Edmontonians will require in the long term.